Thursday, December 24, 2009

Update and Priorities

Dear Friends,

It is Christmas Eve day and it is momentarily quiet here. Laura is hanging out at Starbucks where Jesse is working, Jenni is doing errands with Greg, Allison is working at the mall, and Adjua is in her room hanging out. I am typing on a new computer my guys managed to get me on black Friday. That is a whole story in itself. They worked very hard with Jesse beginning at Best buy at 4:00 a.m. and by the time I got up at 9:30 they were home with a computer for me and one for Laura. Anyhow, this is where the "prioritizing part of the title of this entry comes in...

In setting up my new computer not all, but most, of the files transferred through he external hard drive. The "all" that didn't transfer were my address lists. So that has literally and functionally caused headaches. I tried, but have not succeeded in getting all of my Christmas cards sent. Some of you will get them late. So when do you switch gears and admit that you can't get that part done? I find it hard to admit defeat, but today I began by saying, "UNCLE!" So the stress level has decreased and you probably won't realize our card is late until you receive it late. Sorry. I think I should start next year's in the summer! And I am pretty sure you won't disown us or take us off your list of friends. We did send it out electronically, so let us know by emailing Greg if you would like to receive the Yahoo version.

All the kids are home. Allison is home from Korea and we have totally enjoyed having the last 3 months with her. She wants to go back to school for a nursing degree, but after consulting with her financial advisor (Laura), she has decided to work for a year and make some money first, rather than adding to her college debt. She is looking for a well-paying nanny job. She is thinking other places than here. She may move to do that at the end of January, but has to figure out a car first. Her old Toyota bit the dust and is gone. We are down to Jesse, Allison, Adjua, and me sharing the van. Starbucks and college for Jesse, a different university for Adjua, Allison working at the mall, and me doing all the rest of my stuff and driving everyone everywhere. Boy is that time consuming! That is another reason why it is time to give in and prioritize what must be done, rather than what I really want to get done.

Laura is going to URBANA on Sunday morning - a missions conference in St. Louis hosted by Inter-Varsity. She will have a very busy time there attending sessions and meeting with mission agency personnel. Her church from Maryland will have a group there also.

Jenni got home on Tuesday morning from France. She loved her semester there with Grove City. She got to travel to many European destinations on weekends and breaks. She heads back to school in mid-January. It is so wonderful to have her singing around the house and playing the piano. Our family just enjoys being together and laughing. Settlers of Catan is a favorite game these days. The other night we had Adjua tell us stories about Christmas in Ghana and it was very entertaining. We will have one Ghanaian guest (Joyce) for our Christmas turkey dinner, and a bunch of others coming over after that for games and fun.

So, are you picking up on what I need to prioritize? My mind just goes in way too many directions! The sun just came out! We have seen way too little of that lately. Jenni calls it "The Grey Darkness."

I have enjoyed many weeks of no knee pain since my cortisone shot and I have decided it was totally worth it! I think it is beginning to war off, but I am praying and hoping it lasts as long as possible. I have a few tests at the end of the month to make sure scar tissue is scar tissue and not something else. The rule of thumb is to assume that it isn't because it usually isn't. Plus, I know the Lord of the universe personally, and know that He really loves me no matter what. He is good and put aside all of the privileges of heavenly royalty to live a humble life among us humans, just to provide access to Himself through the sacrifice of His own life. There is only one way to God-through a personal relationship with Christ -- submitting to His lordship. Tough but fair. He provided the opportunity for that. Amazing!

I am so grateful for an amazing husband, family, great friends, God's provision and so many other things. I had another call from northern Ghana last week, and Jacob said that because God has provided a motorcycle for him. he is able to plant churches in several more villages. One is starting tomorrow -- on Christmas with a big meeting/celebration. As Adjua would say - WOW! I love the way she does that!

I wish you a wonderful holiday and heartfelt blessings from me and us here in sunny (right now) Spokane, WA! God bless, Nancy Yahoo