Friday, March 25, 2011

The Holland Tunnel and Carpal Tunnel


We are back from our east coast trip and are grateful for how well everything went. Our time at Grace Church was wonderful. A little girl in Sunday school asked where I grew up, and after a quick moment of thought I told her, "Right here!" That was pretty neat. Greg preached and I shared about China and Ghana with the kids in Sunday school. The group is deciding on dates and who will go. What a treat to be with so many who have known me/us for so long and who have been so faithful in their support of our ministry.

We had a nice time with Greg's family in PA and got caught up with them before heading to Lancaster and Mt. Joy for Calvary Bible Church's mission conference there. We really enjoyed meeting the folks there. What a neat church! I think they were able to grasp the concept of partnering with indiginous ministries very well. Greg did a great job with his presentations and they asked great questions. They are obviously a church that has a heart for outreach and missions. We were blessed! On our way back to Laguardia Airport, we went through the Holland Tunnel. : )

In the morning Greg is taking me for my second carpal tunnel surgery. The other one was done last year and has worked wonderfully. It doesn't take long to do. So I will be taking it easy after that. Late in the afternoon we have a couple from Delhi, India coming to stay with us for the weekend. They have a lot of ministry going on with both Hindus and Muslims. We will get to learn more about what they are doing this weekend. There is a luncheon for mission committee leaders on Saturday hosted by Partners at our office. Others are doing the set up and Greg will lead the meeting.

Well, off to bed. Thanks to all of you who prayed for our trip. I really was a great trip.
God bless!  Nancy     509-990-8465

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Flying east and God is good!

Dear friends,

      I am packing my suitcase yet again for our trip to NJ and PA from the 11th-21st. We will be meeting with a team from my home church who are planning a short term trip to Ghana this summer. When a group travels with Partners International, they serve and help the receiving ministry in ways our indiginous leaders have identified. Like the team from our church here in Spokane that went to Ghana and helped open the issue of the women accused of witchcraft for the leaders there to deal with head on. I am looking forward to hearing about the plans that are coming together for the team from Grace Church in Ridgewood. They got to meet the ministry leader from Ghana last month when he was in the States for other things.

After our time at Grace Church, we will head to PA. We will have some time with family and then we will see some supporters before heading to the Lancaster area to participate in a missions conference at that church on behalf of Partners International. We will make our way back to NYC to fly out on the 21st. We would appreciate your prayers for safety in travel and that we would be used be the Lord to be a blessing and also good listeners.

I had the neuro-stimulation test done last week on my bladder and IT WORKED!!! It was amazing! My bladder performed perfectly for the 3 days the wire stimulated the nerve going to my bladder. The next step is to go to the hospital to have the permanent one put in which includes a wire with tines to keep it placed, and also a small unit to control it placed under the skin in my low back. The slight electrical pulse I felt was almost unnoticable and was so very worth the relief of a predictable bladder. This will probably be done in April.

On March 25th I am planning to have my left wrist fixed for carpal tunnel. The symptoms are back after the 2nd shot and it only lasted 2 months this time. The shots cannot be done this frequently and my doctor feels that for me the best way to avoid permanent nerve damage is to do the surgery. I had it done on my right wrist and it worked fantastically. And the proceedure only took about 10 minutes. So that is the plan.

The Kidzana Institute last week was wonderful. 13 people participated and all were blessed and encouraged. Many attended less than the whole time, but all felt that the training was practical and were very glad they had come. And Greg and I got to have a few days with Sylvia, the director of Kidzana and her friend staying with us. Sylvia is an amazing person and she and Greg can talk the big global missions picture for hours.She has become a dear friend. Another benefit of the training was developing deeper relationships with other Spokane childrens workers. 

Well, I need to finish filling my suitcase.  If any of you are in the Ridgewood area, Greg will be preaching this Sunday morning.  God bless you!   Nancy Fritz