Thursday, January 19, 2012

To pack or not pack my rooster?

Dear friends,

I am already gearing up for my trip in March to a very large country in SE Asia with the most Muslims of any country in the world. I am not free to mention the name of it. Anyway we are linking with a large network there and will be doing 4 trainings. Three will be 3 days long and one will be 1-2 days of sharing vision with country children's ministry leaders. After each we will have a travel day(usually flying) to the next place and gear up to do it all over again. We expect 260 students- mostly teachers with some trainers of teachers mixed in. The 1-2 day vision sharing will be in the capital and geared for network leaders from around the country. So 4 places, and I think 4 flights within the country, as well as limits on what to bring. We are only allowed one suitcase, so I am trying to be strategic about what I am bringing. Clothing and teaching supplies, my rubber rooster, etc. It all has to be carefully considered. We have split up the lessons so I will bring what I need to teach the ones that I will be teaching. I have been to this country before, but not to most of these areas. Some of it will be very rustic. You can use your imagination to think of what that means. Let's just say, our off road camping in the summer helps me feel better equipped!

I am traveling with Kimberle again who is a dear friend and mentor. I have learned by her example and she is helping me become a first class trainer. I have never trained 100 people at a time before, and that is definitely something I need to see and participate in. The most I have done at once is 40. We already have Partners International contacts in this same country who want to schedule for Kidzana 1 for 50 training next March, and one of those groups has 100. So hopefully I will be going back and will know how to train that many at once.

We just got Adjua back from Ghana on Monday night and she is gradually getting over jet lag. She had a wonderful time with her family and friends, and is not excited about the cold and being here in time for our first actual snowfall of the winter. We actually have several inches currently, but missed the snow that fell west of us in Seattle and east of us in Coeur d'Alene, ID. I think it is the first time plows have been out all winter. Greg has the snow blower out and is taking it down to the townhouses tonight.

We have encouraging news. After 5 months lacking regular renters in 3 of our 6 townhouses, we now have 6 guys in one for the semester and 2 girls in another. The third one is still set up as a guest house with a few longer-term guests. So it is better than it was and we are thankful. We would love for you to pray for 4 more girls to join the 2 who are alone for now, and for a regular stream of guests in the guest house. The other 3 units have 6 girls each in them.

Our family Christmas picture 2011

Allison is having her 2nd snow day in Seattle- due to the snow and ice there. She recently found out that her fiance, Tyler Gibson, is coming home from Madrid early... next Thursday instead of the end of March! She is very happy! We are making wedding invitations and plans are coming together for her April 29th wedding in the Seattle area.

Laura is now back in Bradford England until mid-April. She is still working with Greg from there and is back into outreach to internationals. Jesse continues to learn language in Monterey, CA until July when he hopes to graduate. Jenni is settled in in Pittsburg at her engineering job and will be going on a work field trip to visit an air craft carrier in Feb. last we heard.

We got off of Cobra insurance and are starting plans this month. Greg on one and me on another. We hope to save some money although a few of my prescriptions run in the $100's. I am going to look into and see if that will help. Anyone tried that? My health insurance broker told us about that idea to save money.

I went to a week of training recently in Seattle for the latest in Kidzana curriculum. It was excellent, but one of my favorite parts of the week was a new friend I made named JoAnn. We talked about the issue of forgiveness and it was deep and very helpful to me. I will try to pass on the gist of that next time.

Would you like to go with me to SE Asia in March?
I have to raise $3500 for this trip in March. If any of you are interested in giving toward this amazing training of 260+ SE Asian Children's leaders who lead many hundreds or 1000's of children, let me know! It would be like you are actually there with me, and be a share holder in what God does. You would be making an impact for eternity! Please consider yourself invited, and let me know if you want to come in prayer &/or with finances. Your giving is tax deductible. It is a Kingdom investment that will send ripples out in growing God's Kingdom! I can't go without a team behind me. Maybe you are supposed to be on the team...hmmmm... Let's see what God does!

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