Saturday, November 11, 2006

11/11/06 8 out of 30 done!

Dear friends,
It is 2 days after the election and I have finished 7 days of radiation out of 30. I am doing well. I was able to go with Jenni and her friend Jenny, to visit DU (Denver University) on Monday. I stood in line to vote for almost 3 hours and can only think that it was a divine appointment to meet Beth who was on line in front of me. We talked about every part of our lives. She is a newly married 25 year old. The woman in front of her talked with us for a while and it turned out that her sister is also going through radiation at the same place I am, and at almost the same time. We figured out that I had actually seen her several times this week. Now that I am changing times to 2:00 p.m., I won’t see her again. It is a small world isn’t it?
It is now Saturday and I just finished feeding Greg and 2 of the board members lunch. Greg just went hiking nearby with one of them and the other just left for the airport. This was the first board meeting in 25 years I can remember that I haven’t taken care of the food for the board when they have met in Denver.
I have now finished 8 of my radiation treatments. I am now going at 2:00 every day for the duration. I am starting to notice fatigue now. Yesterday I was very tired driving home. I am sleeping better at night for which I am very thankful. But tiredness seems to be setting in. My skin is a tiny bit red at the radiation sight, but I am putting special lotion on it and am being careful to wash it carefully and not irritate it. Tiredness and skin irritation are to 2 most common side effects of radiation. My morning nuns from last week were on the news last Sunday night as they watched the Broncos game at the hospital.I met the afternoon nun. I think next week they will initiate me. Then I will graduate at the end. I am looking forward to getting to know the people there the same time as me. We are making plans to have our international student come with us to a wedding on the 18th. She has never seen an American wedding before. Laura leaves next Friday for Turkey and Allison leaves to come here from FL! I trust you are enjoying your Fall. It was 81 degrees here on Wednesday, and 2 weeks ago we had a snow storm. Never a dull moment in CO! Have a great day, and God bless you- Nancy Fritz

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