Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Surgery miracle today!

Dear friends,

I am home, she did my hysterectomy and ovaries laprascopically as it didn’t look like cancer. They are doing the pathology on it to be sure. And there was an amazing thing that happened that I attribute to the Lord and your prayers.

After I signed in and did all the question answering, the doctor came back in and told me that there had been a mistake made. For some reason the bovine mesh wasn’t ordered and that takes 2 days. She didn’t want to do the procedure with any other materials as she has had so much success using it and the other methods all create their own problems. She said I could come back next week if I wanted and apologized profusely to me. She said that they were calling around trying to find some, but so far that wasn’t working.

I told her I needed to just do it today and if I couldn’t have the rectal seal repaired today, then that would have to go undone for now. There was just too much planning to set up today. I also said that I was going to pray that they would find some, and that God could do that.

When I woke up, they told me that they had found the mesh and that she was able to do that repair, and that I had the LASH hysterectomy which is the simplest kind for healing. So I told them all what that meant- that God had answered our prayers. Probably not cancer and the mesh was found in direct answer to prayer. I was very excited.

I am extremely sore but am doing well. I passed all the tests to be able to come home. My bladder would not empty enough, so I came home with a catheter. They will remove that on Friday in the office. I just want to sleep, but wanted to tell you the great news first. Isn’t God great?! Thank you for your love and prayers! Blessings- Nancy Fritz


Marti said...

great news!

Julie in SEA said...

Awesome, Nance! Have been thinking about you guys & wanting to catch up. Need to write you an email, so watch out for that. You & I were almost in surgery at same time—more later. I'm fine & glory to God, you're doing really well too. You're sorer than me though, I'm sure. Wish we could be sitting together for recovery & catching up over tea & laughs. Oh, maybe you shouldn't be laughing yet (wouldn't that hurt?) Glad you had such a great trip to Denver too. Love & miss you tons! Grace & patience in your recovery. May more miracles keep happening.

Orrange said...

great news! I am so happy to hear how God worked and cared for you. Grace to you as you recover.