Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Slow but steady recovery

Dear friends,
It is the end of a long day. We enjoyed church this morning, attended a luncheon, and I worked on our Christmas cards the rest of the day. If you are on our mailing list yours will be going into the mail very soon. We took a walk this evening to look at the Christmas lights and by the time we got home I wondered if it had been such a good idea for me to do that.

I am steadily healing, but would like you to join me in praying that I would continue to be careful not to do anything that would mess up the repairs my surgeon did 11 days ago. I did a little too much with my shoulder exercises yesterday and it is now sore. My PT altered them to keep stress off of my abdomen, but I must have misunderstood something. It is quite a balancing act. My physical therapist told me that it is very important right now to keep going for sessions so he can work with my shoulder so it doesn’t loose the motion I have already gained. It is nice to not be wearing a sling anymore! He advises that I keep coming until the end of the year so he can stretch what I can't because of my other surgery. My 15 visits allowed by insurance will be up before then, but we might have to just bite the bullet on this one. I don't know what a frozen shoulder looks or feels like, but I don't want to end up with limited mobility.
It is the end of another long day. The cards are really almost out the door now, no kidding! I hope you enjoy catching up with our family through our letter. If we don’t have your address, get it to us and I will make sure I mail you a newsletter. (nancyfritz@aol.com, gregf@partnersintl.org)

I got official news today from my surgeon that there was no cancer on or in my ovary. What a blessing to know that there is none there. I walked less today and took it easy on my healing parts. I did go to physical therapy and Marc says I have lost some ground due to not being able to do arm exercises that will pull on my abdomen. He said I am not out of the woods on my shoulder freezing up, so I am taking my exercises very seriously and am continuing to do them faithfully. He has added several in to helpkeep me moving. I am trying not to hurt myself in the process. And still no lifting, pushing a cart, pulling, etc. It is easy to forget or not know the exact parameters of my limitations. So your prayers are welcome and would be appreciated.

Sleep beckons…Send your address if you think we need it. Ours is 805 E. Huron Drive, Spokane, WA 99208. I don’t have many Christmas cards yet, but I check the mail each day hoping! Blessings to you! Nancy Fritz

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