Sunday, February 17, 2008

Isaw a moose with my own eyes!

Dear friends,

On Valentine's Day, Greg and I drove the loop down by the Little Spokane River just to see deer and maybe a moose. It was the end of the afternoon. Greg saw some cars pulled over so we went to investigate. And there it sat! A full fledged moose. There was a fence between us and it was sitting down, so we got to watch it for a while without having to worry about it coming closer. Greg said they have lost their antlers already, so we don't know if it was a male or female. Exciting for me! It was on my list of things to see in my life.

I am up early because I have a pretty bad earache in my right ear. I have done all the suggestions on web md, and the pain has decreased a little. I have had a sick week. Very sore throat on Monday, then to my sinuses, then all that and my left ear closed up, a cough joined the lineup and now my right ear hurt a lot! I was hoping to go to church, but we will have to see.

My surgeon called to tell me that the MRI matched the ultrasound and that there appears to be no cancer in the new scar tissue on my left side. So I will see her again in six months unless something else comes up. That is a praise. My cancer looks just like scar tissue, but it would have extra blood supply if it were cancer, and that just wasn't there.

I am scheduled for a colonoscopy on Thusday, so I have adjusted my diet for that for the next few days. Greg had one last week and was totally clear. He turns 50 today and I am feeling sad that I am sick on his birthday. We were going to go look around at Cabella's which just opened near here. He had a big celebration at the office for his 50th. All sorts of 50 jokes and black balloons, etc. I will post some pictures later.

Well, I think I might be able to get to sleep now, so I will say goodnight. Blessings- Nancy

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C & E Hudson said...

Hi Nancy,, My name is Erin and I actually sold the house, kind of funny, i was just googling my old address and your blog came up. I am excited to read about you and your family,, Sorry to hear about all you are going through,, but you sound like an amazingly strong person and can overcome it.

Speaking of moose,,, I love them,, and right now where we are at (Greenbluff;Colbert) i saw 2 today. They are hanging out by our place,,anyway,, just wanted to say hello. we have a blog as well.