Friday, August 29, 2008

3 came, 3 went and 30 others came!

Hello all!
Ahhh…Less pressure. The five townhouses we needed to get done, are now occupied by 30 Moody Bible Institute Spokane female students- mostly freshmen. Last week there were parents everywhere, arriving from all over the country and helping their daughters set up their apartments. I have been there- last year actually- with my own, so it was exciting to watch them in full swing. We received lots of thank you’s from the parents and girls. Greg was told by 3 parents, that if it weren’t for our housing option, they wouldn’t have let their daughter come to the school. Generally, students here just live in miscellaneous apartments around town. And the girls are sweet and kind and cute. But if you know me lately, with chemo brain, Crestor brain (short term memory issues), and age memory challenges on top of that, I was just like Dorrie in Finding Nemo! I am slowly learning their names. They are giving me hugs since I am missing my own girls. There is one unit that still has a woman and her 2 children in it. The kids are really bonding with some of the Moody girls, and the whole family came to the barbeque we gave there Sunday night. We dedicated the townhouses to the Lord and had a worship time. I am happy that Lena and her children get to be around these amazing Christian girls. I know they haven't ever experienced anything like it before. She plans to move at the end of October and we have a waiting list of Moody girls who want to move in. So that 'flip' will probably happen in early November. We would appreciate your prayers for Lena, Freddy and Taylor.

Our own kids came and we had 5 days together. We had fun as fast as we could. Tubing and swimming in the river, picking berries at a farm, the girls and I went for “tea” at Mad Hatties, Laura and I went to the gardens on the South Hill (new picture on my blog!). We took walks, went downtown and watched a movie at the IMAX Theater, the kids tubed some more, church, and we talked and laughed a lot! On Sunday evening we went with one of our Moody girls who is a photographer and had family pictures taken. You will be seeing those as time goes by. It was a wonderful time and I thank you for praying. There was some townhouse work in there too, but we were able to do all this besides.

Allison’s paperwork from Footprints, the international teacher recruiting company, came at 5:30 last Tuesday afternoon-10 days ago. On Wednesday morning, Jesse, Jenni and Allison drove to Seattle to the Korean embassy and at 3:30 that afternoon, they were handed her visa and drove back home. The lady at the embassy who processed her paperwork told her that her own daughter had left for Korea the day before to work for the same company! And she knew Allison was late for the training. She expedited things and even gave Allison her daughter’s name. Allison flew out early on Friday morning and after loosing a day in travel, got to Seoul on Saturday evening their time. She is in traing this week and goes to Olson, near Busan, soon to teach English in a public elementary school.

Jenni left for Grove City that night, and after spending the night at Denver airport for 6 hours, got to Pittsburgh Saturday afternoon where Uncle Fred met her and took her to college. Thank you Uncle Fred! She lost her phone on the way from Seattle to Denver, but the man who found it has contacted us and mailed it to her. I had to FedEx her new guitar to her. It was the first time they wouldn't let her take it on with her. She has a retreat this weekend that she is leading music for, so I hope it got there in time. She doesn't have her phone yet, so I can't call and ask!

Now, a note about Allison and Jenni’s Denver parents- Sean and Janet…I was told when they got here, that the entire time they were with them, there was a container of quartered strawberries in the fridge for them at all times, so Jenni taught me how to be like her other mother! They told many fun stories of their time with the Willcoxes. We enjoyed those stories immensely and laughed a lot! Thank you for the home away from home you provided for our daughters this summer! And Caleb is a ‘precious dew drop’ according to my girls! They love, love, love your grandson!

We are still working on my Coumadin levels. It was low yesterday- 1.8. It is supposed to be between 2 and 3 and the best would be 2.5. So I am wearing my compression knee socks and trusting God to take care of all that. My other blood work from my oncologist was all normal, and my recent cholesterol test showed that the Crestor 5mg I am taking has worked well. I have a little more to do on one of my levels, but the rest are coming down. 5mg is half the regular dose, but my naturopath doctor wanted to try the lower dose first and it worked.

I am feeling very achy and have had 3 headaches in the last month that have lead to nausea. I don’t get them that badly very often. All the meds for treating those interfere with the Coumadin, so we picked the least threatening one, so if I have to use it I can just call and let them know I am using it so we can adjust my Coumadin. I seem to be getting arthritis in my right had, so my naturopath also has me doing condroitin as that can help prevent the tissue from deteriorating more. We are trying some ideas for the aches and pains I have been having all over also. I am able to do things, but more slowly and with some growning.

Greg, Jesse and I are going camping this afternoon where they plan to go hunting later in the fall. I don’t think I have camped for 2 years! Last year we were moving and this year it was townhouses. We are going for 2 nights. Jesse starts school on Tuesday and will be going ½ days and working the other half at Starbucks. We met with our friends the other night about Jesse and their son going to Africa in January-May. The boys now have a plan for their preparation. Jesse graduates January 23rd, and plans to go ASAP after that.

And Sunday night Mary, my best friend from college, is coming for 4 ½ days. We are excited to be together and relaxation is the main goal. She has been working hard as a hospital chaplain and I get to pamper her! She hasn’t taken a trip like this for 5 years, so we are excited.

Well, I need to finish up the food preparation for camping, so I will let you go. Thank you for your love and prayers for me, and as always, your hard work reading all this! Blessings- Nancy Fritz

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