Friday, October 31, 2008

October is over and November is coming!

Dear friends,

I must admit that I am glad October is over today. I am not crazy about Halloween. I will welcome my little neighbors and then hybernate in the back of the house. I am keeping my knee on ice for 3 days to see if the pain and swelling in the back of my left knee goes away before going back to the doctor next week. It has been hurting for 5 weeks. Since the ultrasound showed it wasn't a cyst or vascular problem, we still need to figure out what it is to figure out how to make it better.

I will be seeing by breast surgeon on Nov. 11th. I have so much 3 dimensional scar tissue under my arm and on my side where I had radiation, that it is beginning to concern me. The cancer that recurred 2 years ago was very small and felt the same way. How do we KNOW that this is just scar tissue and not cancer? My cancer looks and feels like scar tissue, which makes it tricky. I just don't want to miss an early diagnosis by waiting for a vascular system to develop if cancer is happening. I hope that is understandable. I already wrote about this in the summer in more detail.

I am scheduled to see a urologist in Dec. about the blood showing up in my urinalisis. I might get in sooner. They will probably do a scope to look around and don't want to do that until I am off of Coumadin. My oncologist is letting my off Coumadin on Dec. 6th so I am ready for these tests when I get back from Thanksgiving in PA on Dec. 8th.

I had a Taiwanese lady who is a missionary in Central Asia over for dinner last night, a Wycliffe missionary and our adopted daughter, Lindsay, who got engaged last weekend. She is the one who lived with us last summer. Greg is in Denver for the OMF board meeting and Jesse held his own at dinner as the only guy. What stories we heard! I wish I could have had you here as well! Joanne and I had a wonderful time of prayer when I took her back to her host home. I feel so very blessed to have these relationships with brothers and sisters in Christ from other parts of the globe...

Next weekend I will be in Seattle for a conference to learn how to do children's ministry cross culturally by an organization called Kidzanna. Partners is sending me with another Partners staff member who has a heart for this to see what we can learn and then pass on to our partner ministries in the 10/40 Window. There are many doing children's ministry who have not had much training. The catch is that they aren't asking for training because they have no idea that there are things to learn! So Arlene and I are going to at least get started with these resources and get ideas to present to the leadership at Partners. I don't have to teach or lead anything, so I will be able to enjoy learning with no pressure.

I am diving into curriculum writing for the next 2 days to finish my Dalit curriculum. I would appreciate your prayers that I will be able to make fast progress on the various segments of the curriculum and get them turned in to the Dalit Freedom Network and Partners. The DFN has a conference coming up and need several things done in time for that. Thank you for praying for God to give me creativity and clarity of thought as I work on writing these ideas down for others.
Happy All Saints Day on November 1st! Blessings- Nancy Fritz

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