Monday, August 17, 2009

Jenni is coming home and Jenn is coming too!

Dear friends,

What a crazy few weeks. I got back from Ghana and Greg and I have been grabbing the weekends to experience some of the beautiful northwest. We went to a bluegrass festival, camped in the national forest, camped with our church and worked on cleaning our townhouses. I have been cooking for my "boys" and getting ready for my girls!

Jenni gets home in a few hours. She spent the summer working at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab and lived with Laura near Baltimore. She spent several days in Denver visiting friends, and flies here today. We get her for a few weeks until she leaves for France for the fall semester with Grove City. They will study French and do engineering with their profs in PA online. She knows some French and Jesse is excited to get to use his African French with her.

So, since I knew Jesse would be lonely when she leaves, I got him another sister named Jennifer in Ghana who is going to come live with us while she goes to Whitworth. I met her while I was there. We are agreeing to pay for her food and housing. I have a bedroom ready for her and we are emailing so she will know what to bring. Since I was there, I know the cold will be a challenge for her. But we have girls so we will know how to take care of her. We will can her Jenn and she asked if she could start calling me Mum. I figure I am her Ameri-Mum. She will be studying pre-med. She arrives late on Friday night.

Now for my boy...Jesse has been thinking about his next steps since he got home from Africa. Lately he has been meeting with military recruiters and considering that route. He was thing very hard about signing a congract next Monday. He has decided to go to community college this fall and revisit this idea in January. I am happy for this decision because I felt like he was pursuing this because of boredom and restlessness. Africa was very exciting, and here life is just ordinary. By January he will be able to be more objective. He challenged my patriotism, but I really didn't have peace that he was deciding for the right reasons. If he decides to do this after thinking and praying longer, I will salute and cry and be very proud. So keep him in your prayers about his life plans if you would.

Jenni, Jesse, Greg and I are going to go camping in the SE part of the state to look for a new hunting spot. No elk have been seen during hunting season where they have been hunting the last two years, so it is time for a change. We hear the Blue Mountains are beautiful. Fun time together will be great.

My left knee is very sore. I bent it too far a few weeks ago and it is swollen a little. I have a check back with the knee surgeon on Thursday, so we will see what he thinks. I did well with my self-regulated therapy until Ghana, but haven't been very faithful since I got home. I am done with PT for the year, so that isn't an option. We'll see. Greg and I walk together almost every night, so I am at least doing that. Otherwise my health is OK. Sore and achy but just normal stuff. I don't see the oncologist until Oct.

Our Moody townhouses are filling up. We still need two more girls to be full. We have 34 out of 36. I think 9 have arrived. We would appreciate prayer that the last 2 spots get filled. The income is much needed to make this all work.

Well, I am off to the chiropractor and then to the airport! God bless you! Nancy Fritz 509-990-8465

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