Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dear friends,

Things have been busy here...I went to Portland a few weekends ago to attend the Mission -Connexion Northwest Conference with 7 others from our Spokane steering committee. We are planning the first Mission Connexion Inland Northwest Conference for this September 24-25. We have been assisted generously by those who do the conference in Portland and we went to experience their conference to give us ideas for ours. I rode with a group and got to stay with my brother Paul and his family. We haven't seen each other for a long time. At least we got started on catching up, and I think we will get to do more of that perhaps this summer.

After Portland I road tripped with Greg to southern Washington where he taught a Perspectives class (Lesson 2). We got back very late and he taught the next night here in Spokane. I got to do the World View demo which was fun. Marti Smith updated it and it was great to give them the script while I was there so they can go and mobilize their churches too.

Laura is in Dubai in the Middle East for a few weeks and then will be in several other places checking out ministry opportunities for herself. She made some good contacts at Urbana and felt that a good next step was to do some visiting of teams she knows herself as well.

Jenni is back at Grove City. I do miss having her here playing the piano and singing a lot. We had good discussions too. Jesse leaves for boot camp on March 1st. It will sure be quiet here without him goofing around with Allison and Adjua. He is finishing up at Starbucks in a few weeks. Allison is going to Fort Lauderdale, FL to interview for a few jobs next Sunday-Tues. She might leave quickly after that if she gets one of the jobs. She would appreciate prayer for that.

I learned last month that I have a bladder condition called interstitial cystitis. Basically it means that my bladder doesn't have a lining anymore. So the urine is right up against the vessels in the wall of my bladder. There is supposed to be a gel like lining that keeps the acidic urine away from the vessels, but that is missing in mine. A year ago I didn't have this problem. During the year I have experienced more and more trouble with incontinence and frequency. It turns out that my bladder is acting as though it has a bladder infection all the time. Other than the actual presence of an infection. So there is inflammation, irritation and cramping that causes the other problems I have been having. Random pains can happen at different places around the abdominal area in varying amounts and for different amounts of time. So, this is rather a good thing. The pains I have been having have a cause that isn't cancer. There is medication I am trying. It is like Heparin, so I am not excited about it at all. It must be taken on an empty stomach (3 hour window) and doesn't work for 6 months. It is called Elmiron. I think that is the 7th prescription I am on. It is a chore to deal with this, but like I said, it isn't cancer.

My knee is gradually getting more sore, but is still at least 50% less painful than before the cortisone shot. My chiropractor is working on scar tissue in my neck from radiation. I am sore a lot but am able to keep up with a pretty busy schedule. When I don't have to be somewhere, I often sleep in.

I am currently planning a trip to Denver in February. I am planning a program on Ghana for the 100+ kids in Bible Blast on the 14th. I am excited about it. When I am done, Partners International will also be able to share the curriculum with churches we are connected with. I am going for a week so I have time to touch base with family and friends. I am going Feb 6th and returning Feb 14th in the evening (to see my valentine). Please be in touch with me about getting together if this applies to you. nancyfritz@aol.com or 509-990-8465

Well, that is all for now. It is time to get to bed. Blessings- Nancy

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