Monday, June 21, 2010

Driving to Denver- the Adventure Begins

Dear friends,

On Tuesday morning at 7:45 a.m., Greg, Adjua and I are planning, Lord willing, to leave in our Mazda MPV for Denver. Mapquest has this trip coming in at 1119 miles- each way. We plan to stay in the national forest in WY on Tuesday night. Adjua has never stayed in a tent before in her life, and she hasn't been out of Spokane since she got here last August. This should be an experience packed trip for her!

We wrote a letter recently that we would be happy to send to you upon request. (Just email and ask.) It will give you our schedule. Basically, travel for 2 days. Greg will attend a board meeting on Thursday- Sat. noon for OMF. Adjua will shadow a family practice doctor in Littleton for Thursday and Friday. We hope to visit with supporters on Saturday evening and see other friends on Sunday as well as visit Cherry Hills Community Church. We are really looking forward to that!

Monday-Tuesday next week we hope to go to Estes Park and show Adjua the elk and beautiful mountains. We might stay over if we can figure out the camping arrangements and weather permitting. Tuesday night at midnight, Jenni will fly in from Huntington Beach, CA where she is doing an engineering internship for the summer. Greg has Partners meetings in Denver on Wednesday and Thursday while the 3 of us girls visit friends and maybe teach Adjua how to swim. On Friday morning Jesse is scheduled to fly into DIA at about 9:30. There is a slight chance Allison might be able to come Friday morning also with a free ticket she got from being bumped recently.

Family time on Friday and Saturday we go up to Woodland Park for our nephew's wedding. We'll stay there overnight and have some time with Greg's sister's family and his mom. On Sunday we plan to head back to Highlands Ranch for the fireworks with long time (like more than 20 years!) family friends. Monday morning we drop Jesse and Jenni (and maybe Allison) off at the airport and head back to Spokane on the 5th and 6th.

You might be wondering where Laura is...Currently she is in England visiting former Caleb Project co-workers. They have known Laura since she was 8 years old and she is 25 now. They are doing ministry with Muslims as well as mobilization ministry with imigrants from all over the 10/40 Window. Laura is looking at what is going on there in light of her own future in missions. She flies back to the States on the 3rd of July.

Phew! Oh yeah! On the 1st of July, my breast cancer support group is meeting and I am hoping to be there for that. I sure miss those ladies! There is nothing like that in Spokane...yet.

Did I mention that the reason we have to leave at 7:45 on Tuesday is because I am scheduled forthe last of 3 shots in my right knee? I have to be downtown for that at 8:30. Those have gone pretty well and so far seem to be helping. I will share more of the medical updates later since it is so late. I am noturious for trying to get way too many things done when I have a trip coming up. I need to get some sleep so I can help with the driving and be rested, so I will sign off now.

Please pray for safe travel for all of us. Pray for Jesse who has a tough 2 weeks of training before he gets leave on the 2nd (our 27th anniversary). This is a crucial stage. He has to do well or he may have to leave to do some other training. He really likes it and wants to stay. Pray for Laura as she makes life decisions. Pray for Adjua to enjoy her vacation. She works and/or studies all the time, so this should be memorable for her.

God bless you,

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