Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Dear friends,

Jesse called tonight to tell us that he passed his test! There are 223 in his company and 11 made the same mistake he did on his first test. He basically made a typo- left out a heading on his preparation documentation last week.

Yesterday they did the preparation for the second go into the booth to interigate, and today was to be the interigation itself. It was his second chance to pass before being "recycled" to repeat the 2 1/2 months of training- or being sent to the infantry! So these 12 were pulled aside this morning and told that they passed and didn't have to redo the interigation. They had passed the part that they missed last week.

He said that about 1/3 of the 223 had passed as of this morning, and the rest would find out after dinner tonight. His battle buddy (best friend) was finding out tonight. He sleeps in the bunk above Jesse, was in the same company at basic training and is also from Jesse's unit here in WA. I haven't heard yet about him, but Jesse really wants him to pass so they can stick together.

On Friday afternoon Mike and Linda Fish arrived in Spokane after driving for 2 days from Denver. Their goal was to visit us, see the office and our rentals and our chuch, and to help us out with projects and be a blessing to us. So guess what?! Linda and Mike and I worked on making over Jesse's room- the 13 x 26 foot bonus room above the garage, into a very cool guest room. It isn't totally finished, but it is almost ready to go. I still have to get 2 XL single beds that can either be separate for singles, or put together to make a king for couples. I hope to post pictures on facebook soon.

Also, Mike helped Greg get done with the hardest part of building out his office in the basement. Our house came framed only in the basement. Greg and Mike put in a door to the room and one to the future closet. Mike also helped Greg install the needed electrical outlets since there weren't enough. Mike helped Greg finish our basement and other projects in Denver, so they already knew they were good work buddies.

We have had a lovely time together. Lots of laughter and conversation. Linda talked for 2 1/2 hours while picking raspberries at my friends' farm on Saturday morning. We picked enough to cover about 8 cookie sheets for flash freezing. Mike and Linda also helped Greg do some last touches on getting the town houses ready for the 36 girls who will begin arriving next week. All in all, it has been a very special visit and so appreciated to have friends come and share their strengths with us. I am so much better doing a project with a friend, and Linda is my special work buddy! And as well as we know each other after living in community together in Pasadena at Marengo House, we learned new things about each other. Thank you Lord for Mike and Linda, and thank you Fishes for coming to share your vacation with us!

To the rest of you...Come in over! We'll leave the light on for you! Blessings- Nancy

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Anonymous said...

Yeah!!!! We're so happy Jesse passed the test! We knew he would. Glad to hear the guest room is coming along.:) XO Janet