Wednesday, August 16, 2006

#3 of 5 chemos is done!

#3 is Done 8/15/06
Today things went smoothly. Lisa Horn went with me and we brought bags of stuff. We had our lunches, jackets, my camera, her photo albums of Italy, and things for her to read while I slept. Lisa actually used one of the comfortable chemo chairs to sit in while I rested since the room was pretty empty today.
Dr. Bourg met with me first. We decided we are going to try hard to do 5 chemos unless there is some overpowering reason not to. I will do Neupogen shots again for 5 days starting on Thursday. My white count was at 4.2 today which was OK, but not as high as it was at the start of the last cycle. Without those shots I wouldn’t be able to tolerate this much chemo, so we will do them as needed. We kept with the higher dose of Cytoxin he gave me last time. We are both happy that the Midrin is helping my headaches so well. Greg, and hopefully me for at least some of the time, is going back to the cabin in Steamboat to do a complete edit on his leadership training book. It is open 8/25-9/1. Dr. Bourg sent me home with an antibiotic in case I need it while I am out of town. Those would be good contemplative days for me to do my deep thinking, seeking, and praying that I want to be doing., but is getting pushed aside when I start to feel better each time. We’ll have to work out the details of when the kids and I might go, but this is just what Greg needs to get his book done before teaching his next leadership class the week after that.
I had a different nurse than before and Christie wasn’t there today. Cortney was great! I think they all do a fantastic job. And guess what? The corner chair overlooking the mountains in the corner was empty and we enjoyed that more private place. That was nice gift from the Lord. Two people finished their last treatments today and all the nurses came over and sang to them, “Hit the road, Jack! Don’t want see ya commin’ back round here, no more, no more! Hit the road Jack!” There were lots of hugs and pictures and thanks. It was very encouraging.
I started chemo about 11:00 and finished and left at 2:45. I was feeing pretty bad when I got home and slept for a while before dinner. Achy, headache, leg cramps mostly. The steroids for anti-nausea are keeping me awake right now, but I am getting tired and will try to sleep as soon as I am done with this. The hot flashes predicted earlier have started happening in earnest today. The chemo is forcing me into menopause at least temporarily. “Quick, turn on the fan and aim it at me!” has been my request a few times this evening.
Jenni and Jesse’s first day at high school went well. Jesse is also working hard on some merit badges for Boy Scouts to move toward Eagle Scout, and to earn money for Sea Base camp next March in Florida, then to their own island for a week over spring break. He is very excited… Allison is packing so she can leave early on Thursday morning. A friend brought a wonderful meal tonight that was perfect. What a blessing that was for us!
What to pray? For neither me, nor any of my family members to get sick. For the shots to work well in increasing my white cell counts. For Allison to have a safe trip to Florida beginning Thursday driving alone. For the kids adjusting back into the school routine. For me/us to continue to learn all that the Lord wants to teach us during these days in this unique situation. I learned today of a friend of a friend from Texas who is praying for me and reading my blog regularly. She sent a card and gift and I have never even met her- yet! Thank you! Off to bed for me. I am finally tired. Blessings to all of you! Nancy

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