Monday, August 21, 2006

A week since chemo #3

Dear friends, It has been a week since I wrote and I thought today that I should give you an update so you know how the week has gone. Last Tuesday and Wednesday went pretty well. I didn't feel great, but not too bad either. Thursday and Friday the Taxitere kicked in and I started to feel fluish- tired and achy. I was able to control the aches and headaches with my headache medicine and some pain medicine. Saturday I was more tired than I remember ever being. Laura, Jenni and I went to see my wig lady who had restyled my wig from 7 years ago. Her husband is dying of kidney and bone cancer, and she is such a neat, caring person. We took her flowers and let her know we are praying for them. I got 2 more special cotton scarves as I find myself wanting to wear them rather than my wig when it is hot out, when I am cooking (wigs can melt around hot ovens!) or just don't feel good. I am set now. Anyway, I was very tired and didn't rest enough. On Sunday I went to church, and came home and slept for 5 hours. My neighbor nurse, Lisa, began my Neupugen shots on Thursday and finished them tonight. My friend Janet did it for me on Saturday night when Lisa couldn't. I am so thankful that I haven't had to give myself any more shots! I turn white when they do them, so you can imagine what it is like when I do them to myself. Last cycle I had tremendous pain in my hips the morning after my 5th shot. That would be tomorrow morning this cycle. I hope it doesn't happen again, but in a way it is comforting to know it is working. The pain tells me it is. I was up a lot of last night with pain- horrible headache and bone and muscle aches. Those are probably now due to the Neupugen manufacturing white cells like crazy in my hip bone and vertebrae. I spent the majority of today in bed with much of the same. I got up for dinner and for a visit with friends bringing meals. That was a treat. This time the side effects have stepped up from how they were the last time. In a few days I should start feeling better until my next chemo on Sept. 5th. Greg and I are planning to go up to Steamboat for 6 days on Friday. Greg will work on his book (leadership training) and I will get to concentrate on the "deeper thinking" issues I have talked about wanting to focus on before. I need to be healthy to be able to go, and my oncologist sent me home last week with antibiotic in case I need it while I am there. I get bloodwork done tomorrow as well as going with my friend Janet to meet my Radiation Oncologist. I think it is mainly an information meeting for me, and setting a plan for my treatment. He is a whole different kind of doctor I have never seen before. He decides how often, how much and where I receive radiation. Please pray for him for wisdom for what I specifically need. On the schedule I am now on, assuming that I can manage 5 chemos, I would be starting radiation some time in October. Greg and Jesse are preparing for their ham radio licence test. They plan to use ham radios when they hunt this fall. Jesse is working on several merit badges and is checking to see about getting one for ham radio operating. Allison drove back to college on Thursday and got to Florida safe and sound on Saturday. Laura flies back to Grove City on Friday a.m. and is tying together loose ends and seeing various friends this week before she goes. Jenni and Jesse are getting used to their school schedules and are doing well so far. They have all been very supportive. Thursday night Greg spent a few hours chasing 5-6 racoons around our backyard which were making a big mess of the trash. They began coming at the beginning of summer as little babies. They have gotten huge. I am hoping they come back one more time so I can get a picture of them. It is an amazing sight. Thank you for all of your support and prayers! I will let you know how my counts go when I find out. God bless you! Nancy Fritz


Garr said...

We will forever keep you in our prayers. I will pray especially for your trip to Steamboat, as I am sure you could use some time away.


Bob and Alice said...


We are thinking about you and praying
for both you and Gregg. Hope you can
do some of that deep thinking in Steamboat. Will pray that the Spirit
will guide your thoughts toward God.

Alice (Gwen's Mom) and Bob(and Dad)
Vander Tuin