Sunday, October 22, 2006

We're off to the east coast! 10-22-06

Hello all, Jenni and I leave soon for the airport to head to PA and NY to visit colleges. Jesse left Saturday morning to go meet up with Greg in the mountains rather than Friday because of white out snow closing the pass that goes there. I am pooped but packed and ask you to pray for traveling mercies this week as we cover a lot of miles. We plan to visit Penn in Philly, Bucknell, Cornell, Grove City and possibly Carnegie Mellon, although I get tired just looking at this list and we may forgo C.M. Jenni is registered to take the ACT again next Sat. on, I mean in, Mars (PA) to try to improve her score. Then we will fly home next Sunday when our men folk will also come home. My incision is healing well and is very itchy- a good sign. It is intermitantly reminding me it is there, but it isn't too bad. The morning of the 30th, I go in for my last pre-radiation appointment and then radiation begins on Nov. 1st. It will be nice to not think about it for a week. We aren't taking my heavy lap top computer, so you won't hear from me until the 30th most likely. Laura should be posting the picture for me I mentioned earlier, sometime this week though. I hope you have a wonderful week. God bless you! Nancy

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