Saturday, January 20, 2007

My jaw is done and healing 1-20-07

Dear friends, It is Saturday afternoon and I had my jaw surgery as planned yesterday morning. Right as we were preparing to leave for my 7:15 appointment, we got a call from Greg's sister who lives in Divide, near Woodland Park up in the mountains west of Colorado Springs. Her husband, Paul, was having heart pain and was in the hospital in the Springs. Greg and Laura decided to go be with them for the day, and Jenni agreed to take me. Paul ended up with a triple by-pass on his heart by 4:30 in the afternoon. Greg and Laura brought our 17 year old neice, Natalie, home with them last night for a few days. I did fine with my jaw surgery. The IV was hard to put in, but eventually worked. He took out the tooth and cleaned out my jawbone. He said the area on the top right didn't look bad to the eye, but he sent it all for biopsy anyway. What I know is that it has been painful for about a year, so I am glad to have it out of there. The bone should grow back healthy now. He didn't clean out as much bone as my other doctor had planned to, but I hope he got enough out. I have a little numbness left from the novicane, but it has been dispating today. I am a little swollen, but not too badly, and the pain meds are working well. Apparently my family thinks I am pretty funny when I am on pain meds, but I don't understand what they could be talking about! We did enjoy lots of laughter at dinner last night- mostly at my expense! Thank you for praying for us yesterday. Please be praying for Paul as he recovers from his surgery. It turns out that he didn't have a heart attack, but was on the verge of having one. So God took care of him and there was no muscle damage done. He is in CCU for a few days, but the prognosis is good. Thank you for your continued love and prayers. God bless you- Nancy

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