Monday, February 26, 2007

Jobs, Arms and Letting Go...

Dear friends,
It is Monday night and I just have to write an update to any of you who are following our lives through this blog. I am amazed that so many are reading this blog who I don't even know. I hope these entries are helpful and honor God. They are certainly honest if nothing else!
We got the great news this evening that Laura got a job with Cingular. She will be trained in executive sales in Atlanta for 6 months (nice housing provided) beginning March 13th, then will be located somewhere to continue working for the company. The man she interviewed with in Denver already told her that he would like her back at this office if she wants to live in Denver after the 6 month training is over. She has less than two weeks to find and buy a car, pack, get things she needs and let us give her a graduation party on March 9th before she drives to Atlanta on the 10th. She finally got at least informal word from Grove City that she did indeed graduate in Dec., so it is time to celebrate! We are so proud of her! She had two job interviews and was offered both jobs. Pray she and Greg would find her just the right car - hopefully this week.
Finally some news for us from the board: We received word last Thursday that in cooperation with our church here in Denver, arrangements have been made to receive any money at the church that comes in for us from our supporters. They will get receipts from the church. We have also been told that there has also been another anonymous account set up at the church, that we can draw on if our regular support account is low. The goal is to give us time to be able to process what has happened and what our next step should be. Greg has received many job offers, but none of them is just the right job so far. We are so grateful for this gift of time to discern what our next step should be.
Pray for me to keep learning what the Lord is teaching me. I am realizing things day by day that are helping my hurting heart. Tomorrow I am going to see a counselor with a friend to help me sort through the injustices piled up in my spirit. All the staff were such a family of co-workers, and seeing others hurt and confused at how we were/are being treated, is a struggle for me. I feel like I am on the brink of discovering what God wants to show me. I will share what I learn with you soon.
My left arm, today for the first time, hurt some and has a little extra swelling which made me wonder if it has gotten some lymphodema started. The scar tissue from Radiation is getting thicker, and may be blocking the flow of the lymphatic fluid out of my arm since my nodes under that arm were removed almost 8 years ago. Please pray that I would not have to deal with this time consuming and painful condition.
I am scheduled to see Dr. Bourg, my oncologist, next Monday, and have lots of questions for him. The blood work that just came back showed that I have 3 liver numbers elevated. Before now it was only 2. I am hoping for answers to that and several other questions when I see him. May God bless you and help me find answers. Blessings- Nancy Fritz, 303-791-9306 Cell: 303-885-7545


Garr said...

We are praying for you and the former CALEB employees. I am sorry to hear of such a tumultuous end to such a good work.
I am glad to hear that you all are taken care of. God is good, even when things seem rough. I hope that this does become clear to you all at some point.

--Bakers, Denver Chapter

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...Laura's position at Cingular could mean that she's going to be getting a nice, shiny new iPhone that Apple will release in June in partnership with Cingular. There's hope yet for the Fritz family to go the Mac route! ;-)