Wednesday, February 07, 2007

We fly to Turkey today!

Dear friends, I still need to put the finishing touches on my packing, but we are pretty much ready to go to the airport at about 10:00 a.m. We are going to Turkey to visit and encourage some friends, and then to have some time for Greg and me to be together and process our lives and possible next steps. Please pray that we would be able to truely help our friends and encourage them. They have two little girls I am looking forward to spending some time with also. Pray that we would not have anything stolen while we are there. Besides Laura having things stolen in November while there, we have heard many stories. We plan to be very careful, but we desire the Lord's protection as we will be staying in a hotel part of the time. We got home late last night from seeing Jenni in the All State Choir Concert. It was really excellent. It was in Fort Collins which is about 1 1/2 hours away. She was there for 3 days and thinks they rehearsed at least 18 hours together. It was obvious they had worked hard and had lots of talent. I saw the jaw surgeon on Monday and he said all is healing well with no infection. My jaw is still aching and tingling from the nerve damage, but he said that if I have seen some improvement already, that probably means I will see complete healing of the damaged nerve in about 3 months. I am taking vitamins and meds with me and will be able to rest while in Turkey- especially during the 2nd part of our trip. Please pray for Laura as she cares for Jesse and Jenni while we are gone. Many friends are in the wings if needed. We will probably be able to receive email through Greg's account I am very slowly healing in my connective tissues. They are still dehydrated from radiation and chemo and all the drugs related to my treatment. I am able to do most of what I want/need to do if I get some extra rest in between. Well, I need to finish up some details before leaving, so I will sign off for now. We plan to return very late on the 18th of February. Happy Valentines Day to you and thanks for all the birthday wishes for Greg. He will turn 49 in Istanbul. Please email us with your email address if you haven't already, so we can put your on our electronic prayer letter list. Laura is interviewing about a job today and has several resumes out, so please continue to pray that she would find a good fit in the right job. I haven't cried since the night I wrote my last blog, so thank you for your prayers. I am doing somewhat better I think. Oh, I have to tell you an amazing story! Our Aunt Beth is in Florida and while sleeping last Thursday night heard a noise like a train going by. She got up and looked out the window and could only see lots of rain. She thought she must have just imagined it. The next morning she looked out the window and the view across the street was empty where there had been houses. The tornado came that close to her! Amazing! We are so grateful for God's protection as there were no deaths from the tornado in her area. Wow. I wish you God's best and I will write on the 19th if I am not too jet lagged when I get back. God bless you! Nancy Fritz

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henghua said...

Hello Nancy and Greg,
It has been such a long time not connected with you and it happened so many things that really suprised me. I am glad that your jaw is healing and having a wonderful trip to Turkey with your lovely family.
Hope you are getting better soon and the same as Paul. I'll pray for your health, Greg's job, and Paul's health as well.
Enjoy your trip in Turkey and see you soon!!!!

Heng Hua