Thursday, September 13, 2007

I am now a Washingtonian!

Dear friends,

We successfully moved to Spokane, WA. I got here with the kids (minus Laura) on July 31st. The house is wonderful. Three years old, a ranch, nice big kitchen, a big room for Jesse and a full unfinished but framed basement. We have 2 guest rooms up and running and have had 2 sets of overnight company so far. We got our Washington drivers licences and plates, and I know what Fred Meyer is. I got a Spokane cell phone number today: 509-990-8465
We don't have a land line, so that is how to find us. Greg's is 509-990-8479 and Jesse's is 509-990-8448. We just got them changed today.

Our first international Partner International dinner guests were here from the UK on Tuesday and according to them, the elk steak and fresh blackberry pie were "Gorgeous!" We are expecting 3 guests next week after "The Summit." Every 2 years our ministry has a conference where the international area leaders are brought in with all the US staff. I feel so fortunate that we are here in time for that. The Partners family have been very welcoming.

I discovered shortly before we moved that I had a torn rotator cuff in my shoulder. The stress of the move has made the pain worse, but I have found a fantastic shoulder surgeon. He should have it repaired by the end of the month. Then I am sure I will have lots of physical therapy to do. He will also remove a bone spur on the same shoulder while he is in there.

I have found a doctor who does a lot with alternative treatments alongside traditional ones to help me continue to fight my cancer. I will meet my new oncologist next week. We have been to the dentist and I am still looking for an opening with an internist. So the medical stuff is coming together. I am very tired and achy, but that is probably because of the move.

I am getting used to finding things here- everything from things in the grocery store to the library. Jesse started school last week and is running cross country. So far he is enjoying school and is meeting people just fine. Some at school call him "Colorado." Laura just got to Baltimore where she has been placed by AT&T. She is apartment hunting with a friend and starts work soon. Allison and Jenni are at college. Jenni is adjusting well and Allison is in an apartment this year. Greg is enjoying his new job at Partners International and we are settling into a great church on the campus of Whitworth University (used to be College). So thank you for your prayers for our transition. I will write again soon with more details about how I am doing on a more personal level. Blessings to you all! Nancy Fritz

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