Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Shoulder Surgery on Frida y 9-28-07!

Dear friends,

The Summit conference with the Partner International staff was an amazing time for me. I got to hear up to the minute reports from all over the 10/40 Window. I met some amazing nationals from China, India and Africa. God is doing amazing things and one theme was redundant. Many of our brothers and sisters in Christ are suffering for their faith but remaining strong. Here are a few stories...

In a village in western Nepal, there is a small church. They all share one Bible in their language. They signed up and went to the church around the clock so that every 2 days they would each have some time to read the Bible. Someone visited them who had no Bible and they agreed to give their Bible to that person for 4 months, so they had no Bibles when our area director visited them. He took several modes of transportation and forded a few rivers holding his suitcase over his head to get there. A woman here in the U.S. heard about this need and has already given the money to buy each member of the church a Bible of their own.

In Africa, there was a meeting Partners pulled together of member partner ministry leaders. The Nigerians talked to the Egyptians and compared notes. The Egyptians had the ability to provide much needed aid (doctors, etc.) but were afraid to share their faith for fear of persecution. The Nigerians have no resources for aid, but have incredible boldness in sharing the gospel. They are persecuted regularly (beatings, etc.) for doing this, but know they must. So these leaders are going to do a project together. The Egyptians are going to go to Nigeria and do a health clinic and the Nigerians will teach them how to share their faith.

While at the Summit we had a kick ball tournament both afternoons. Everyone played and great fun was had by all. I managed to trip over my own feet and fell on my right knee, but didn't do any damage to my already bad shoulder. My knee is still healing. My team came in a close second. We also did square dancing which was exciting since for several, English was a second language!

I think I am up to 30 friends in Spokane now. Our Sunday school teacher and his wife invited us over for a meal after church and we really enjoyed that time of fellowship. I found a Bible study at church that feels "just right." We are doing a Beth Moore study.

I met my oncologist last week. I think he will work out fine for me. He ordered an ovarian ultrasound which was done yesterday to see where I am at with last year's cysts. Hopefully they are still gone or getting smaller. I am also doing genetic testing to see if my cancer is in my genes. I hadn't done it before, but he had some convincing reasons, so I am starting that process tomorrow. Friday I am scheduled to have my shoulder repaired. I had my pre-op today and all is fine to go ahead on Friday. I go in at 7:30 and they will operate from about 9:30 to 11:30 ish. I will be wearing a sling for 8 weeks and have lots of physical therapy to do, but compared to this constant pain, at least I have the hope of it getting better.

I have had two people at the office offer to bring meals for us over the weekend which is very kind. I have to get a "ball" instead of a mouse and a special keyboard for my computer if I am going to be allowed to use the computer at all during my recuperation. I need to get things like that done in the next two days before my favored right hand goes down for the count. At least this isn't cancer surgery and will lead to healing after 2 1/2 years of pain. I am grateful!

I have a date to have tea with a friend tomorrow morning. Our P.I. guests who left today were so fun to have in our home. The kids are doing well and so is Greg. We would be grateful for your prayers for Dr. VanderWilde to find and fix everything that is wrong in my shoulder on Friday, and that all heals well- maybe even extra quickly. Blessings to you! Nancy Fritz


Anonymous said...

Nancy, I was hoping to connect with you again after your move.
I was reminded of your blog from a
letter in a stack of correspondence I was going through tonight. Just in time to find out about your surgery.
I will be praying for you Friday!

Donna B in Denver C

Piuta said...

Keep up the good work.