Friday, February 27, 2009

Knee Surgery Tomorrow- Friday

Dear friends,

Surgery tomorrow

It is another surgery eve. I think these evenings, like those before upcoming trips, get me feeling like there are a lot of things I need to get done that just can't wait. I scramble to get as much done as I can. This time I am getting the house ready for our Partners Intl. guests- Eng Hoe, John Decker and Anita. I have gotten groceries and some meals planed for when they come on March 6th. I have done my dentist, eye doctor, nephrologist, chiropractor and gyno. appointments this week. The bedrooms are ready and the towels washed. Thanks to Barb Moody, I learned how to do hospitality when we lived together at Marengo House back in Pasadena.

Since I won't be able to do steps much for a week or two, I have to do all the things that involve the basement and steps before we leave at 11:00 for the surgery center. So, since after midnight tonight I am not allowed anything to eat or drink until I get there, I have a tradition to stay up until midnight and drink a lot of water and eat a little meal just before midnight to be ready for the next 12 hours. Of course I feel very thirsty at 12:15 already! It is human nature to want what you can't have, right?

Here is my prayer request for tomorrow's knee surgery...

Dr. VanderWilde told me clearly that there is a very good chance that this surgery will fix the problem in my knee. There is also a smaller chance that it won't work. I think that if we all pray, the Lord, in His goodness, will hear our prayers and answer them, and the surgery will work. I was told at pre-op that I might be able to tell right away. I described the cyst problem I have going on in my last entry, so I won't do it here. This week has been like the last stages of pregnancy in comparison to my knee. You are so ready to be done being pregnant, that you are willing to go through the birth process partly just to not be pregnant anymore! My knee has been so sore this week, that surgery couldn't come soon enough. I am so grateful for this chance to have it repaired since the alternative is living with it the way it is, for the rest of my life.

*So pray that Dr. V. and his team will be able to get in there and see all that they need to see, and will be able to make the corrections that need to be made. He expects it to take about 35 minutes. I will be out. Pray that he sees everything he needs to see as he will be working with a scope in a small area. I think he will video it for me. I will let you know how it goes as soon as I can. I will be up and walking some every day and have exercizes to do. I had to get surgical compression stockings to wear to prevent clots in my legs, but I didn't have to do the Lovenox shots in my stomach like I did last summer. I am so very grateful! I also picked up my pain meds today. He told me I would really need them. Well, I am ready and may the Lord go before me.

The Kidney Doctor...

Basically he said that as long as there is not protein in my urine, he isn't concerned about the blood in my urine, since it is not that severe. He asked for an additional urinalisis to look more carefully for a few things, and told me he would call me if he saw anything wrong. He hasn't called in 2 days, so I am in the clear on the kidney issue. That means I can pursue the trip to Ghana with our church this summer to do some awesome Christian education training for the leaders there. I prayed that the Lord would open or shut the doors according to His will, and so far it looks like going is His plan for me!

Allison and Jesse

We got to skype with these 2 separately on Sunday afternoon for over an hour each. I can't go into a lot of detail now, but they are both doing fine. Jesse is about to turn 18 on March 8th and is homesick for American food. He had escargo and rice the day before we talked. Allison laughed and said she also has had that recently. I will tell you more about that later. I need to get to bed and finish up my list of "must do's" in the morning before we leave.

Thank you for your prayers for me and for us and for our family and Partners. We treasure that in a huge way!
Blessings- Nancy Fritz (509)990-8465

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