Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Teaching hearts here and St. Patrick in Denver

Dear friends,

I am scheduled to go to Denver on Thursday afternoon and return on Monday morning. The main reason for the trip is to teach 200ish children a missions lesson about the life of St. Patrick and what that has to do with them. I will be networking with several friends regarding missions issues, 2 doctors who are so unique no one in Spokane can do what they do, and maybe seeing some family if there is some time.

Before I go, tomorrow will be a full day. I have a bone scan injection at 9:30, have some x-rays taken of my low back where there is a spot we need to check. Then I hope to go to Partners for Chapel and then back for the bone scan. Tomorrow night I am doing my monthly lesson at our church with the K-5th graders on the topic of Having a Heart for missions. They investigate ways they can be involved in missions. It is a fun time and hopefully will get them thinking proactively about their future.

I saw the oncologist Monday who ordered the bone scan, and my doctors are talking to each other about whether I should go to a nephrologist (spelling?) to see if there is anything that needs to be checked to find the reason for the blood in my urine. My internist called me yesterday to let me know that the problem hasn't gone away. I also learned that I may need to do Lovenox shots after my knee surgery to prevent new clots. Those are the stomach shots I had to last summer- not my favorite!

We are doing well. besides my health issues, we are continuing to work on organizing the basement. Partners is falling further behind financially and Greg is very concerned. Greg and I hope to increase our ministry team support to unburden the ministry from having to supplement our support. It is just so painful to decide which partner's budget to cut when they are doing such phenominal ministry. May the Lord help the economy to bounce back soon- in His perfect timing, and may He meet the needs of those who really do depend on Him for sustenance and basic ministry supplies.

I am thinking about what I have to get done before my knee surgery happens on the 27th. There are a lot of ducks to line up in a row. I would very much appreciate your prayers for that, for healing so they don't have to fix my knee at all if He wills it, and that the day after day achy pain would go far, far away one way or the other.

I need to get to bed. I would love prayer for my weekend in Denver and Greg's here. For Jenni trying to apply for summer internships while also trying to keep up with her studies. For Jesse teaching English in Senegal. For Allison teaching English in South Korea, and for Laura working in Baltimore. She is very burdened for a friend who is struggling hard in his new faith in Christ. God continues to be so very, very good.

Blessings to you all-
Nancy Fritz

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