Monday, June 22, 2009

Dear friends,

A Moose Loose?
Did I tell you we had a moose loose in our neighborhood two weeks ago Saturday? It was in the principal's back yard when I spotted it during dinner. This picture was taken from out back door. Greg couldn't figure out for a minute what I was screaming about! He wondered if it was something he said! I got a few pictures and a video of it during the 1 1/2 hour show. At one point, we watched it from our front porch! It was a bull with little antlers beginning to grow. It was very tall and very skinny. It covered a lot of neighborhood streets. The fish and wildlife guys were trying to steer it away from the freeway and back into the woods. That was a once in a lifetime experience. I can die happy now!

Ghana or Bust!
Well, it is 6 days and counting until I go to Ghana. At last count, 75% of my funds have come in, and the team is almost fully funded. We fly on Sunday morning at about 8:30 to Seattle and from there at 12:30 to Amsterdam and then to Accra, Ghana. Then we will travel to the north. I am mostly done packing and have many small details to finish up before I go. First of all, I have to tell you that...


Jesse got home on Friday morning after almost 5 months in West Africa. I can already see changes in him. He is sharing about the things he learned and telling amazing stories. He wants to get them all rewritten since they were in his journal which was stolen. He is helping around the house without me even asking, and if I ask, he helps immediately. It looks a lot like him, and sounds like him, so rather than thinking, "Who are you and where did you put my son?," I am thinking that he has come home with a much larger degree of maturity and appreciation for his family and home, and the way God has blessed his life.

After they were robbed (see last entry), they received emergency passports in ONE DAY! That was an answer to prayer. They didn't get more money to replace the stolen $1200 for another week or two, and lived on $1.25 a day each for 3 weeks. They had one bar of soap for the month, and no shampoo, so to get clean, they went and swam in the ocean to rince off. That was a five minute walk from where they were staying. That taste of poverty made an impression. He isn't complaining about it, and didn't tell us this was happening. It was just part of what God was doing in their lives. They had seem so many, sacrifice so much, that it didn't seem like a big deal.
They ended up with exactly enough money to finish their trip with none left over.

I did go to graduation after all, since I figured someone from our family should! Jesse's name was in the program, and I made note of when he would have walked across the stage. He and I visited his principal (who lives behind us) a few days ago. We invited him to Jesse's welcome home and graduation party this Friday night, and asked him to formally present Jesse with his diploma. He is going to do that at the beginning of the party. I will borrow a cap and gown and will get the forth in the series of, "Fritz kids graduating from high school" pictures for my collection. Jesse went to school today to get his diploma, so it is all official. He got his job back at Starbucks with a raise and almost full time hours. He plans to take at least a French class this fall, and save up for college next year. He has some ideas of business and cultural studies. It is so good to hug him and see him! He has been asked to speak at Partners International chapel, and in two or three venues at church as well.

My New Oncologist

I met my new doctor last week. She is great and I think we are a good match. She cleared me for the next 4 months, so until then I will only go if I notice something I want her to check. Getting a pain or cough for 2 weeks that doesn't get better, but worse, means I should get in there to see her. I am grateful for life and the opportunity to be involved with the people and ministry I get to do. A dear friend from my breast cancer support group in CO just learned that her cancer has spread.

My knee is still pretty sore, but I am walking and/or exercizing at the gym almost every day. Exercizing makes it hurt less. I still have some muscle to rebuild since my surgery at the end of Feb. I have an isle seat on the plane so I can get up and walk to avoid getting clots in my legs again, and will wear my compression stockings. Please pray for me to have clear thinking this week as I complete my preparation for the trip. When I get tired I slow down and don't think clearly. And I need to think clearly to get it all done. That makes this week a bit of a challenge because of the exciting fact that...

Greg's Mom and Sister Are Visiting!
Today Greg's mom and sister arrived for a 10 day visit. We had a nice dinner, a hearty walk in the neighborhood admiring all the gardens, and then got to have Jesse tell us about his trip to Africa, via the things he brought home with him. How interesting to hear the stories of where he got things and what they are used for, etc. He obviously enjoyed doing that for us. He told us stories of miracles and people and experiences he had. Anyway, my goal has been to be done packing so I can spend time with Greg's mom and Shelby until I leave. I am almost there! I am excited to have them visit us for the first time! Tomorrow morning is Manito- botanical gardens, a picnic lunch and then a tour of Spokane. Greg will take some time off to do stuff with us the rest of the week too.

Allison is living in South Korea in Ulson until the end of August. Please pray that she would be safe as far as relations between North and South Korea go. Her city is near an American AF base in Bouson. Greg talked to her for a little while on Sunday via facebook, but we haven't skyped with her for a long time. Thanks for praying.

I need to go get some receipts gathered for reimbursement so I will sign off. I will write before I go to give you details of our trip before I go.
God bless you! Nancy Fritz 509-990-8465

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