Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ghana in 3 hours for 2 weeks!

Dear friends,
Here is the itinerary for our trip. We would love for you to join us in prayer. This could change, but it is our best idea of what we will be doing. Pray that we will be flexible and have servant hearts.
6/28-29 USA, Accra Air travel
6/30 Accra Visit Compassion International project area(?); stay Accra
7/1 Accra to Wenchi Visit COF projects en route; stay Wenchi
7/2 Wenchi to Tamale Visit COF projects en route; stay Tamale
7/3 Gusheigu Ministry with Elisha and Ernestina
7/4-5 Gusheigu witch camp Ministry with Elisha and Ernestina
7/6 Next village community We are prepared to do a VBS type of activity with
the 2-300 children in the villages.
7/7-8 Tamale Kidzana training I will be overseeing this
training. Please pray that we will be a blessing to these
dear Ghanaian workers.
7/9 Next village community Visit school started by COF worker(?) Possibly
another children's program.
7/10 Tamale to Atebubu Ministry
7/11 Atebubu to Accra Stay Accra; shop
7/12,13 Accra, USA Church services; air travel We may be speaking.

We plan to visit a village of outcastes who are women who are accused of being witches. Please pray that we will be good listeners and that we could bless them.

I will write again when I get back. If you want to get email updates from us, please email Greg at and he can tell you how to sign up for it. We don't know if we will be able to give updates during our trip as internet connections are hard to come by.
Thank you so much! God bless- Nancy Fritz

At some point we will be visiting a village of women who are outcasts and accused of being witches. Ask the Lord to bless that time in a special way and help us to be good listeners.

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