Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dear friends, September 20, 2011
In less than a week I should be in East Asia for a 3 week trip. My schedule will be packed and exciting. I am finishing up my preparation for approximately 50 1 hour lessons (some repeats and some team-taught) I will be teaching to full-time pastors, youth leaders, children's workers, and many parents who want to learn how to disciple their children. We expect to have 85-100 students all together during three, 3 day trainings. The first training has people coming from 9-10 different locations all over the country.

So... I have been working through our situation of not having enough support to live on (see my last blog entry). Not a whole lot has changed logistically. We have a few new supporters and I was given two sacrificial cash gifts to take with me in case I need anything on the trip. Someone offered to buy me the suitcase I need, when I asked to borrow hers. The ladies at my church are going to be praying for my trip. You are invited to join my prayer team as well if you are so inclined!
My co-teacher, Kimberle- mom of 6!
An interview using a ladle microphone? Typical when you use local resources! That is the way we teach them to do it. They leave encouraged and empowered!
A city map explaining the lives of children there drawn at our last training by those
reaching them. It includes a polluted river, Internet cafe, playground, a fellowship, etc. After doing this, they planned ways to reach the children with their fresh perspective. Here is another one...
Please Pray for Nancy Fritz’s Trip to East Asia
Sunday Monday Tues. Wed. Thurs. Friday Saturday
2 p.m. thru Seattle
Arrive in
BJ at
10 p.m.
(22 hrs)
Disciple- ship
tourism co-hosting
Touring BJ & hearing Christian history
time this is ever being done.
Pray I would be a blessing to those I encounter.
Pray for those experiencing
this trip to be impacted.
Teach SS at a house church in BJ –Ballet
Prepare &
meet w/
hosts to plan
Train 30 BJ church youth and adult children’s workers
These 3 days we are training 9-5
Pray for
those attending to successfully
“get” & be able to apply all they learn
Day off to rest, go shopping and get ready for next training
Vision and skills training for 15
workers from several churches
Pray for training for youth leaders
Pray for unity while writing vision & mission statements
Day to travel to another province for last training & set-up
30 from 3 churches
in rural area.
These are receiving their first training
Pray we would be able to finish strong
Leave for home
at 9 a.m. Arrive home at 10:00 a.m. the same day!
Oct. 4-6 We will do a 2nd training with some of the teachers we taught last year- 25-40. They want to learn more on the topics of classroom skills, discipleship, and teaching families how to be involved in the discipleship of their children. We will also review “1 for 50” for them. The host of this training just told me over skype that her son is in the hospital for a severe asthma attack. Please pray for him.
Oct. 8-10 We will be meeting with 15 pastors and youth leaders for 3 days. We will be sharing 1 for 50 vision for one day, helping them to develop a church vision statement for each of their churches and giving them tools for youth ministry.
Oct. 12-14 We will do a first level of training with a more rural group of 30 outside of the city. This will include a typical first level 1 for 50 training. All three of these trainings will be through translation. Pray for those doing the written translation.
Please pray for our stamina. Pray that we will stay healthy. Pray for us to work well together as a team. Pray that we will give our best to teach well. Pray that we will be able to rest well at night in hotels. Pray for security & protection from the Lord. Trainings have been shut down before.
Making Lemonade...
You know the old saying, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." Laura is here for this season. We aren't sure how long, but do know that both from her side and ours, it is totally the Lord who brought her home. She and Greg work very well together and are beginning this new ministry together. She helped us turn one of our rentals into a guest house. It is furnished and looking wonderful and we have had our first guest. The empty units (lemons) will hopefully bring in some income this way (lemonade!)

Yesterday I was able to go with a friend for her second mammogram due to something suspicious (lemon). Everything turned out well. No cancer! We were able to have a great time encouraging each other (lemonade).

We really don't have enough coming in to pay the bills with $10,000 in taxes and other occasional bills due soon (lemons), but so far the Lord is providing what is absolutely due each day (lemonade!). We continue to trust that our ministry team will grow so that we will be able to take advantage of the ministry opportunities coming up as well as being able to pay our bills. Greg and I are on Cobra health insurance until the end of the year and that alone is $1250 a month. So the situation is tight... lean...skinny...no frills (lemon), but we have the opportunity to depend on Almighty God (lemonade)! It is a great place to be even though I don't like being here. I am growing in faith and worrying less. We are commanded not to worry anyway, right? It does no good, and God isn't going to answer my prayers any differently if I am depressed and crying as He would if I am optimistically trusting Him. I can change in mood, but my Heavenly Father is consistent no matter what! He doesn't change. He is good, faithful, trustworthy, loving, and a hundred other amazing things. Laura and I watched Soul Surfer the other night and it was a great encouragement. We recommend it. By the way, if you would like to join our financial team, either for a one-time gift or as a monthly member of our team? We would love to talk to you about this. Or you can click here to donate online by check or credit card. If you'd prefer, you can send a check to:
Allegro Organizational Solutions
5535 Memorial Dr., Ste. F-811
Houston, TX 77007 USA
Either way, our account is: US-Frz.GNF

It is an amazing time to be alive. I have been invited to India and another SE Asian country from mid-February through the first week or 2 of March. I am also supposed to go to Thailand in May for an international children's ministry conference. It is one of my Kidzana consultant responsibilities. I don't have the money to go (lemon), but I will if it is the Lord's will (lemonade)!

May the Lord bring me to meet those English speakers He puts into my path during my trip. During the first week I will be around other tourists. I will try to send an update while I am gone, but in case I can't, I will send one when I get back! nancyfritz@aol.com 509-990-8465 God bless you! Nancy Fritz

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