Saturday, October 15, 2011

Back from the Far East!

Dear friends,
Wade, Josh and I after we had climbed to the top tower you see behind us.

I am officially part of the Great Wall!

The Bird's Nest was really amazing to see!
I arrived home from my trip this morning and it was absolutely fantastic! All of our prayers were answered and I will have lots to share very soon. We had all 3 trainings, although the 2nd one ended up to be more of a consultation for 3 days. We had no security problems and our health was good the whole time. We were given delicious food to eat, and got to try lots of variety. I didn't loose any weight while I was gone!

We had 62 students and all greatly appreciated the training. We were asked to come back next year. Our style is very interactive and practical and Kimberle and I do very well together. We compliment each other and enjoy each other. Our students were precious. We connected very well with them and some we knew from last year. Several of them came back bringing others, and one invited us to her network for the 3rd training. They want us back next year also.

I still can hardly express how rewarding it is to do this training which is so much what I enjoy and have talent for, and also is a blessing the Kingdom- ultimately helping teachers to lead children to Christ. I am so blessed! Thank you for all who went with me in your prayers and through your giving. I will give a more complete report with pictures in the next few days.


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