Thursday, June 15, 2006


May 23
Dear Everyone,

As many of you know, Nancy had surgery this week to remove and biopsy a small nodule that had developed in the scar tissue under her left arm. This is a routine procedure for cancer survivors and usually amounts to little more than reassurance that the tissue was not a recurrence of cancer. This evening Nancy’s surgeon and oncologist both called with the news that they did find cancer in the tissue that was removed. We are stunned and gearing up to fight this disease with the same vigor as we did the first time around seven years ago. Even though the odds of survival decrease after recurrence, we are not without hope. We trust that the Lord has a purpose in this and we intend to continue to trust him with this unexpected turn of events as we trust him in every area of our lives.

We plan to proceed with our planned trip to Pennsylvania. We will leave tomorrow and be home late Sunday night.

We appreciate your prayers. Please particularly pray that we will have wisdom as we research and choose treatment options.


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