Friday, June 23, 2006


Thursday night 6-22-06 update from Nancy

I want to thank you for your prayers yesterday. I went with Jenni to the oral surgeon to get the 2 hurting teeth pulled. I talked with him for a while and he eventually agreed that it would be a good idea to get them out before chemo starts. It took a while to get me numb enough, but eventually I did. I am on strong antibiotics and a special medicated rinse for the week. The good news is that there isn't much swelling at all yet (he said there may be tomorrow), and the one tooth didn't penetrate my sinus cavity. He thought it probably would, so we were happy when it didn't.

I stayed in bed today nauseous and very headachy, but finally was able to eat and keep my dinner down tonight. I hardly noticed my sore side today at all! Tomorrow is set aside for getting ready for the mountains and on Saturday we leave. Thank you for praying for me and us! We will get back on July 1st, so I don't plan to be writing again before I leave unless something comes up.

Josh, Allison's boyfriend, is here and we are enjoying getting to know him. He is 6'4" and helped her make some great cookies today.

I have talked to the "wig lady" and we will be able to connect in time to get what I need before I loose my hair. God is very good. Several friends and my girls are planning to go with me.

God bless you mightily!


Anonymous said...

Nancy, I think the whole family deserves a trip down to Connell's on Washington Blvd for a Special(Cherry, Lemon-Lime, Seven-Up)
Blessings and cheers! :-)
Eddie Boylan

Nairobi Paul said...

Hang in there, Nancy!

We're praying for you over in Africa.

Paul & Heather

Teri Beckler said...

It's a priveledge to pray for you Nancy. Don't know if you remember me from the '80s - I was Teri Busse then - working in Dr. Winter's office. Did a travelling team with Caleb Project as well in 1990 I think it was.
Thanks to Elaine M., you have a lot of prayer mobilized for you and your health and family. I would find it very interesting and helpful to know the ages of your kids and what they are doing. Are they all local still?
Details and updates are so helpful for prayer so thank you for that. This Blog thing is really cool. Great idea!