Monday, July 31, 2006

7/31/06 Chemo #2 day 6- Hard days

Dear friends,
I am in the thick of the effects of the chemo these days. I went to church yesterday and haven’t been able to do much of anything else since. I think the Neupugen shots are taking effect. Dr. Bourg told me they would make my bones hurt as the white cells are stimulated to grow. That seems to be happening. I actually gave myself my shots at home on Friday and Saturday evenings- I was really proud of myself since I am kind of phobic of needles. Laura was there to give me support and to make sure I did it correctly. Yesterday my neighbor, Lisa, who is a nurse, did it for me. That was so much easier. She is planning to do it today too.
My digestion is unsteady. Now I am also dealing with some sores on my head. I would appreciate your prayers that I don’t get any infections. I feel achy and headachy but don’t have a fever. An infection could be serious, so please pray that I wouldn’t get sick. My white count was up to 5.5 last week before chemo, and it will be checked again this Wednesday. Then they will tell me whether to keep doing the Neupugen shots. If my white count is up enough, I won’t have to do them for the week. I can hope and we can pray, right?
This is one of those times when I am feeling too tired and sore to do much thinking. I appreciate your prayers on these hard days. The Lord is my sustenance. I am just holding on. I was able to get our newsletter out last Friday with the help of my daughters. They have been such a huge help and comfort. Jesse went camping over the weekend with his friend’s family, and Jenni left for El Salvador where she is now. We were given tickets to the Rockies game last Saturday night by our friend, Andrew who is a DU student from Taiwan who is interning with them. We had a nice time and enjoyed the game. We are blessed with such wonderful friends and family. I will let you know how my counts go. Blessings- Nancy

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