Thursday, July 13, 2006

July 13, 2006

Dear friends,

I will post this on the blog where there may be a picture to look at too. Go to this address to see all of the updates so far if you are interested: It works just like a web site, so if you can get online, it should pop up for you.

This is day 8 since my first chemo. I wrote a long email about that last week, so I will just let you know how the week has gone. I felt sick last Wed. and Thursday in a fluish way. Headachy and just crummy. I basically stayed close to my bed. Friday morning I went to Caleb Project's staff meeting and did a few things, but faded fast after lunchtime. Muscle and joint aches set in, which increased and lasted until Monday when they began to taper down bit by bit. I was constipated until Monday and then had the opposite problem until last night. I lost 5 pounds this week. The weight is beginning to come back on. I have had a few very bad headaches for which I am not allowed to take my usual aspirin products due to chemo causing low platelets. Saturday was particularly bad with a headache gone crazy. In the evening I was sick to my stomach, but that was the only time, and I think it was due to the headache.

Jesse had his 4 wisdom teeth pulled on Tuesday afternoon. He has done pretty well and isn't too swollen. He drove there and I drove him home. We both slept when we got back.

Today I got my counts back and they are in the "normal first week of chemo" window. My white count is 2.0, which the nurse said they expected. If it is still that low next week I will need to do shots to help bring that count back up. I am getting some sores in my mouth today which didn't happen last time I had chemo, so I picked up a prescription today for a special mouthwash to help that heal. Even something as small as that could cause me to miss my next chemo or could cause an infection. These are the days when I need to be really careful to stay away from germs. There are MANY things I am supposed to watch for and call the doctor if any of them show up.

I plan pick up my wig probably on Saturday. My hair is starting to fall out more than usual today and it feels very straw-like and dry. My head itches. I probably still have about a week until I have to wear my wig or a hat.

It has been a long week. I feel like I am feeling up to about 70-75% today and got away with just a nap which is great. I think this gives me an idea of what to expect the other cycles. I expect to have at least 3 more cycles 3 weeks apart. My next chemo was going to be on the 25th of July, but they called to ask me to do it on the 26th instead as my own oncologist really wants to see me that day and has no time on the 25th. He told me he plans to up my dose of chemo next time, so I may have more side effects. I know your prayers make a difference and I treasure you lifting us up to the throne. Your emails, cards, meals and encouragement has meant a great deal to us. Thank you all!

May the Lord bless you richly-
Nancy Fritz


Orrange said...

definitely continuing to pray for you.
my path report came back as fibromatosis. They got it all and aren't concerned with reoccurance in that location. It's good to know that it's not a big deal and what to expect if it shows up in the future.

take care,c

Anonymous said...

Great site loved it alot, will come back and visit again.

Anonymous said...
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