Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Chemo tomorrow 7/5/06

Dear friends, I want to thank you all for your prayers and the love you have expressed to me and my family over these weeks. I went today with my 3 daughters and a friend and her daughter. (See the picture below.) I will put a picture of me here with my wig on once I start wearing it. Tomorrow is my scheduled first chemotherapy treatment. I am going with a friend who is a PA. We will see my oncologist at 9:00 and then the infusion is supposed to start at 9:30 and last about 3 hours. Janet and I are bringing a CD teaching to listen to together. Last time I had adriamiacin/cytoxin together and this time I am supposed to have taxitere/cytoxin. I know the side effects I had last time, but don't know which ones were from the cytoxin. I am healthier this time than last time due to all the nutrition stuff I have worked on this year. My two teeth were pulled 2 weeks ago and that is healing up OK. My surgery area is gradually healing too. I think that is doing pretty well. I can get my arm over my head which is important. I have been stretching it every day. My port is tender if I move certain ways but otherwise it is fine. So I think I am ready to go. I would appreciate your prayer for no allergic reactions, for little to no side effects and for the chemo to do its job in killing any cancer cells that are in my body. Pray that my mouth and surgical sights would continue to heal. Thank you for your love and concern and for coming before the throne of God on my behalf. I am so blessed! I will let you know how I'm doing again as soon as I am able.


Barbie Moody said...

Just found your blog today (through Courtney). But Hemps told us about your health about a month ago. We're in prayer. Can't believe the kids! So grown-up.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nancy,
This is Hung Hua.
How are you these days??
I will also follow your instruction to pray for you. :)
I wonder if you will be home this coming Sunday??
I can bring some forzen dumpling for you.
Hope to see you soon.
Take Care!!

Heng Hua