Monday, October 29, 2007

Gynocologist news

Dear friends,

I told you yesterday that I would give a report today about my visit with my new gynocologist. For background regarding my concerns about this, read yesterday's entry.

Dr. Ravacia was very nice. She spent over an hour with me, listened to me and then explained things to me well. The results from the test that had my mind going for these weeks, is in my hands now and has been explained to me so that I understand what is going on.

I have a very large number of new cysts in the wall of my uterus. They are classic fibroids, and she feels confident that they are not cancerous. There are so many that a number was not given. Most are small. Also, a complex cyst was again on my left ovary. Whether it is the same one I had last year but smaller, or if that one went away and it is a new one, she does not like the fact that it is there when I am not cycling anymore. Chemo shut down my ovaries and put me into menopause over a year ago, so cysts should not be happening anymore. Also, it may have gotten smaller because of chemo. So...

She is planning to do a hysteroscopy next Tuesday morning. Basically she is going to put a camera up into my uterus to look around and take a few biopsies. That doesn't take long, and is outpatient. The Partners office is across the street, so it is convenient for Greg to take me home.

Sometime soon she also wants to take my ovaries out. Then as we talked about it, she strongly suggested that I have a hysterectomy. She can do this through a scope, so the proceedure is out-patient one day surgery and recovery is only 10-15 days. She would like to do it in December. I am in the process of being checked for the breast cancer gene. She feels that regardless of how that turns out, she still feels that there is no good reason to take a risk by leaving things as they are. If I was positive for the gene, I would have a 40+% chance of ending up with ovarian or uterine cancer. But I still have risk now, especially with a complex cyst. Complex means that there are things other than fluid are in the cyst- solid, possibly cancerous things. There is no way to know without taking it out. She said I won't feel any differently hormonally.

I feel like the Lord answered my prayers. She seems like a very good doctor and again I am getting excellent care. Thank you for your prayers! Blessings- Nancy

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