Monday, October 29, 2007

Tomorrow is a big day

After a month of waiting, I am going to see my nre gynocologist tomorrow at 1:00. My Oncologist ordered a test a month ago which showed something suspicious in my uterus.
Nothing should be there and it wasn't there when my doc checked me in Denver before we moved. Since it has come quickly and I am post menopausal and taking meds that can influence my uterus and ovaries, we are supposed to watch them anyway.

So my prayer for tomorrow is that Dr. Ravacia will understand that this is concerning for me and maybe she would be willing to do a small biopsy while I am there to see what is growing in my uterus. My neighbor is going to come with me in case I have this proceedure and don't feel well afterward. I will post again after I know something tomorrow after seeing her.

As far as my shoulder goes, it is healing well. Marc, my PT, said that the degrees of movement are improving steadily and that I am right on schedule. I am doing all of my exercizes and he pleaded with me to believe that I can really ruin everything if I use my arm for anything but exercizes until the 8 weeks is up. Everything is vulnerable inside the shoulder joint. Since my movement is slowly increasing, I am tempted to do a little more all the time, and am getting impatient. Pray that I would be able to be disciplined and not use this arm when I am not supposed to. 5 weeks are done and 3 to go. Then I will be allowed to move it although it will be weak. He said my whole shoulder is pretty locked up because I hadn't used it fully for over 2 years, so I will have extra work to do to get full motion back. I am ready to work and am eager for it to be working again.

My left arm is supposed to be pampered since I had my lymph nodes removed under that arm 8 years ago. Radiation last year upped the odds that I would end up with trouble, so I am having to be cautious. The extra work my left arm is doing now is causing some new lymphodema. I wore my sleeve yesterday and that helped. What I have to do is pay attention to how my arm is feeling and stop what I am doing when my arm is at all tired or tingly feeling. Please pray that I would be aware and catch any problems before they get serious. I have to find out who you call with lymphodema problems in Spokane. I had the best people in Denver!

We figured out that if I drive to Colorado with Jesse and Greg to where they are going to hunt the week before Thanksgiving, I would then only have to drive that last part of the trip to Denver by myself. That would be doable and not too hard on my arm. That will also give me more time in Denver with friends. I should get there about the 13th.

If any of our Denver friends know of anyone who will be gone for Thanksgiving who might be willing to let some Fritz's hang out at their house for several days (Saturday the 17th-to the Wednesday before Thanksgiving), we would be grateful. Laura, Allison and Jenni are flying to Denver where Greg, Jesse and I will meet them. We will be having Thanksgiving with Greg's sister's family in Woodland Park Wednesday - Friday, and then heading back to our varius places. My phone is 509-990-8465 if you have any ideas that might work. Thanks much.

I would like to invite you to pray for our very dear friends, Jon and Lynda Hardin and their girls. They were on staff with us at Caleb Project for 15+ years. These are friends we camped, played and worked hard with. Jon is a very gifted speaker. Jon just had a cancerus tumor removed from his colon and now the tests are back that there were positive nodes. Now he is facing chemo. This has all been very sudden and I know they would appreciate your prayers.

Well, enough for tonight. I will let you know what happens tomorrow as soon as I can. Thank you for taking the time to read all of this. You are a blessing to me. Nancy Fritz

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