Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A poem to share with you

Dear friends,

I wrote this last night to share with those at PI who have been blessing us with meals. After so many different surgeries, it is strange for me to have one that is making me so restricted for 8 weeks. That is longer than any of my other things, but at the end of this one I will be able to move my arm without pain. Yippee! Being one armed has its challenges but also its blessings, like discovering the great cooking talents of our new friends and co-workers. Anyway, I thought you might enjoy reading this...

An Ode to Our New Friends at Partners International

Recently a woman moved to Spokane.

She picked up and moved there for a job with her man.

She was excited to be involved with his ministry too,

When settled and looking for something to do.

She arrived in town with a problem to solve-

Her shoulder was damaged and pain had evolved.

When she got to the area, she met several others,

And one pointed to a doctor who’d cared for another.

He specialized in shoulders and knew his job well,

His reputation preceded him, so she told him how she fell.

He checked and he thought he could help her feel better,

And her insurance company was nice and agreed to let her.

The doctor went in quite carefully with a scope,

And fixed all the things wrong in there, giving her hope.

Now she has to keep her arm in a big black sling,

It is comfortable and fortunately is a fashionable thing!

It’s on her right side, which happens to be,

The hand she uses for all things, A to Z.

Cooking is among the challenges she faces,

As Jesse and Greg come home from their places,

Hungry and ready to eat a good meal,

She hands them a banana and tells them to peel!

But to the rescue are new colleges from work where Greg goes,

From the ministry of Partners International they humbly arose.

One night after another, these new friends are blessing,

Their family with dinners, sometimes with dressing!

They’ve brought all kinds of things, from fajitas to stew,

To Arlene’s creation with almond chicken to chew.

Homemade applesauce and a spectacular pie,

Such care in the making could just make her cry!

She’s thankful that in this new place God has brought them,

He’s using these members of His Body to tend them.

While one armed she is learning the patience of Job,

As Greg has to help her even put on her robe!

Thanks to all who are ministering to them in this season.

They look forward to the time there will be no more reason.

For the special love and care in making these great meals,

When the sling is gone and her arm better feels.

For the time being know they are blessed by your care

It is a testimony of God’s love and provision as you share

Meeting the needs of this one armed lady and her clan-

Her son and herself, and so gratefully her man.

Nancy Fritz, October 17, 2007

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