Saturday, May 31, 2008

God's surprises as He takes cares care of us

Dear friends,

I have heard from a few of you regarding my last blog entry that was pretty emotional- for me to write and for you to read. I will give an update so you know I am OK.

Just after writing, the girls got a call from a friend and former Caleb Project staff member. She let them know that one option for a place to live this summer in Denver (that they had heard about many weeks ago) was still a possibility. They contacted the owner and it was all set, for 1 1/2 days! The owner sent family in to check it out, and there had been a significant water leak. So, she called to tell them it needed to be repaired and was unlivable for the time being. So, as of Tuesday, they were homeless again. Jesse still thought Allison's car would be adequate.

On the same day, a friend of mine from Denver called to encourage me, and she did! She reads my blog regularly and they pray for us faithfully. Her daughter and Laura "happened to" share a locker in middle school. Laura and Nickie have remained friends all this time, and we got to know Janet and Sean through the girls. Janet mentioned that if Allison and Jenni needed a place to stay this summer, and that they are totally welcome to stay at their house. I assured her that they finally had a place to stay and thanked her for her offer.

Several hours later, Allison called to tell me about the other option falling through. I talked to Janet again, and she was excited about the idea of the girls staying with them. They are empty nesters and have room, in our old stomping grounds. So praise God for His provision! You can imagine that this mother's heart is deeply grateful! I told the girls God would do something amazing! This is a blessing for the girls and Janet says it is for them too.

Allison and Jenni started driving on Thursday and arrived in Denver today. They had a smooth trip, and didn't even complain about the lack of air conditioning in Allison's car. Jenni is already out applying for jobs today. Allison has a nanny job with the same family she has worked with for many years. The two girls she cares for have become like family to us. They are growing up fast!

Another exciting thing happened this week. Jesse has gotten a job- at Starbucks! He has wanted to work there all year and starts on Monday. He has definitely been persistent and it finally paid off. He also has been doing some other odd jobs and has taken up golfing. 6-8 of his friends were over last evening hanging out with us. All of them are seniors and graduating next week.

We got our church newsletter yesterday, and I had Greg check to see if the Women’s Ministry article I wrote got printed or not. They printed the article and included a picture I didn’t even remember them taking of me! So I guess that makes me a published author! Hmmm…

We are going to a farewell party tonight for our backyard neighbors. He is in the Air Force and was here to get his doctorate at Gonzaga University. They leave in a few weeks and will be very missed. Our gift to them is going to be a copy of a book I have read called The Shack, by Michael P. Williams. It is an excellent fictional allegory dealing with who God is, the problem of sorrow and pain, etc. The main character meets God face to face and gets to ask questions and get to know God intimately at the same time. I am reading it for the second time to prepare for a book discussion with my Bible study ladies. I highly recommend it to any of you. Some of the scenes in the book have come back into my memory when I catch myself judging others. If you read the book, you will know what I mean! They are having a hard time keeping it on the store shelves here in Spokane.

I am doing OK physically. I have had a few late rises in the morning and one in the early afternoon due to tiredness and aching. Those days seem to occur with or shortly before the rain arrives so I suspect “rhuematiz.” I am seeing the chiropractor about every 5 days. I tried a week and was really hurting by the time I went...I have made progress on the curriculum this week and turned some of it over for editing to a friend. Greg and I are preparing for 5 days of teaching at a Christian camp 45 minutes from here the last week of June. We will be with 13 eighteen year olds and teaching about missions.

Yesterday another friend and I took Madeline, my Swiss friend who is moving to Stockholm soon, to the Lilac Gardens in town for a last picnic together. What a whiff of heaven!...Laura is doing well in Baltimore, and Lindsay Reitsma is moving in on Monday for 5 weeks or so. We went hunting for a sister for Jesse so he won’t be so lonely until Allison and Jenni come in August. Lindsay will be a senior at Whitworth Univ. in the fall.

I need to go since I am feeling the urge to write a poem for Brian and Jessica, our backyard neighbors. Blessings, and as always, thank you for reading, caring and praying for me and my family! Nancy Fritz

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Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy!!

I am so glad you are feeling better! I was worried about you...but we all have those days. I want you to know how much I am enjoying your precious girls. They are such a blessing to our entire family. I feel guilty to enjoy them too much! They look great and are eating...I will try to do their laundry for them, but I'm sure they will not allow it. You and Greg have done an excellent job in raising them. They are blessing Nichie too!! Thanks again for the update.
Love, Janet