Friday, May 09, 2008

Lots of places!

Dear friends,

I wrote a long entry in my blog for you last night, and at the very end I pushed the wrong button and deleted it by mistake. I hate when I do that! So I will attempt to rewrite it tonight and try to remember all the things I need to tell you- again.

On April 25th Greg and I used the tickets we got in Feb. from being bumped on the airline and went to Florida to attend Allison’s graduation. On the way we had a 3 hour layover in Denver and discovered that Jon Hardin (former co-worker at Caleb Project/ I360) was going to fly into our concourse while we were waiting. We met him and got to visit for a little while before he had to leave to have his 3rd chemo treatment for colon cancer. It was a blessing and encouragement to catch up with him. He said that he often has people tell him how much they miss Caleb Project and are grieving the loss of the ministry even now a year later. We are missing what was, but are grateful for how the Lord has brought us to where we are now.

We had a wonderful time with Allison. She graduated magna cum laude with high honors with a degree in Elementary Education. We went to church with her and enjoyed being with her college friends. She has a treasure in that group of friends. On Monday we went to the beach with her and saw dolphins. And a sea gull stole Allison’s sandwich right out of her hand without her seeing it coming! It was pretty funny! She will be staying there for a few more weeks with Jenni who will join her on Tuesday after her finals at Grove City. At the end of May they will drive to Denver for Allison’s summer nanny job. Jenni and Allison’s friend Kim are going to look for summer jobs. Allison is expecting a second phone interview with AT&T for a job that would start in November. That is a matter of prayer. By the way, Allison’s car ended up having just a detached hose and is working fine. Thanks for praying for this!

I just finished doing a two week lesson with the Kids’ Club Program on Wednesday nights at church. We focused on the Riffi Berbers of Morocco. Next week is Turkey and we finish for the summer with a focus on the Olympics and teaching them how to pray for the nations and peoples mentioned in the Bible as they watch the Olympics this summer. We are trying to order some rubber cockroaches to do the cockroach Olympics for fun that night too. Then I get a break from this program for the summer.

Last week was the Partners International Board Meeting. One highlight for me was meeting a lady named Myrna. She lives in Indonesia and the Lord has placed the Province of Aceh on her heart. Her story was amazing. She was healed from cancer and arthritis before she even started. Her life has been threatened many, many times, but she recounts miracles of how she was protected each time. Now there are 100 believers among the Aceh people. There is a seminary training workers to go into Aceh and a radio station focused on Aceh. There are seminary grads living in Aceh villages.
This woman kept us spellbound with these experiences she has had. I feel like I got to visit Aceh which our church in Denver has been praying for for at least 16 years. The tsunami opened lots of doors for the Gospel to get into that area. There is an Aceh child sponsorship opportunity through Partners International. Again, I feel tremendously privileged to meet and pray for these Brothers and Sisters in Christ. I hosted a group of ladies in our home for a luncheon on Friday to give us a chance to spend some quality time with Myrna. Afterwards another PI staff wife took Myrna up on a mountain to her house so Myrna could see snow for the first time. It was a great memory maker for hre.

I saw my naturopath doctor this week and we are having to adjust some of my supplements to bring my cholesterol down more. It came down 30 points in the last 3 months, but he had hoped that it would come down faster than that considering all the things I was doing with diet and supplements. So we are adding in niacin for 6 weeks and then I have to get it tested again. One of my anticancer meds is causing my cholesterol to go up, and has also done this in a few of my friends. It is called Femara and is like Tamoxifen which you may have heard of. Anyway, I’d appreciate prayer that my cholesterol would decrease. I have a lot of family history of heart disease, so this is important. I may have to go on statins if this doesn’t work.
Otherwise, my chiropractor is still working out muscle spasms on my right side by doing deep massage. It is definitely helping. I must be feeling more energy, and so I am saying yes to too many things. I need to be careful not to overdo it. Dr. Valley told me that the niacin can make my short term memory shorter, make me achy and make me more tired. I am already dealing with all those things, so this should be interesting.
Jesse was in the school talent show tonight playing guitar and singing a song he wrote. He did an excellent job. He has the prom on Saturday and wants me to help him find a light moss green bow tie to go with his tux.
Jesse received an invitation to 2 ministries in Africa next spring. He graduates early and plans to go overseas to experience community development, disaster preparedness, living with the poor, and servanthood to give him an idea of what to study when he goes to college.
Jenni called to tell us that she auditioned for a Grove City small singing group for next year, and made it in. They will travel to churches next spring and do programs weekly.
Greg had a successful board meeting from his angle last week and the budget was approved. He has enjoyed preparing garden beds in our yard. We now have berries and flowers planted that are leafing out. It is fun to watch them grow.

I need to sign off before I loose this again. I know I am forgetting things, but you can email me and ask questions. or call me at 509-990-8465. Thank you for persevering to the end to read this. I know it is a work out.! So is writing it twice!
God bless you- Nancy Fritz

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