Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hi friends,

I want to give you a quick update on Jenni and Allison's living situation this summer in Denver. I explained this in my last entry if you want to look there for the background. Anyway...a friend contacted the girls to let them know that one of the options that was open before, was still open. The girls jumped at it as it looked like a great situation.

This lady sent a family member to check on her place and they discovered a large water leak and a great deal of damage. So much so, that her home is "uninhabitable" and needs to be repaired. So the girls went from, "Whew! We finally found a place with 4 days to spare!" to, "Mom, we have no options. What do we do?

They begin driving from Florida toward Denver tomorrow afternoon since Allison's car has no air conditioning and they don't want to drive during the hot part of the day. Allison's roommate decided that she isn't going to Denver for the summer, so it will just be Allison and Jenni. Jenni will be looking for a job.

A sweet friend called me from Denver yesterday (you know who you are!) and really encouraged me. She mentioned that the girls could stay with them even temporatily if they need a place, so maybe that would work out(?). I'll try calling in the morning. We would appreciate your prayers for the Lord to continue to help this to all work out.

I have been making headway on the curriculum I am working on. I am really looking forward to getting it finished!

We had a report today at Partners from the Myanmar and China disaster areas. We have partners working there right now. They are getting very tired and one leader broke his tooth, and is in pain. One of our Partners just finished training 20 leaders from that area on disaster relief. They are giving aid strategically so that the supplies actually get to the people who need them. One huge need in both places is counselors to help all those who have lost loved ones. I can't imagine that much loss all at once.

I will stop for now, but did want to give you this quick update so you can pray for these 2 girls driving across the country, for a place for them to live in S.Denver and for Jenni to find a summer job and Allison a long term job. The AT&T job did not happen, so the Lord must have other plans.

God bless you! Thanks for reading! Nancy Fritz

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