Tuesday, December 05, 2006

22 done and 8 to go 12-5-06

Dec. 5, 2006 Dear friends, Oh, how I have a new appreciation for the concept of tired. I have finished 22 out of my 30 radiation treatments. I have 3 more regular ones to go and them I have five "boosts." The boosts are aimed right at the specific area where my cancer was found. The other day when they were doing the set up and checking the angles for the boosts, I figured out that they were aiming at the wrong place. The wording written in the report mislead them to the spot they checked for but didn't find any extra cancer in June. But by God's grace we figured it out. They got everything readjusted yesterday, so we are ready for Friday-next Thursday for the boosts. I met my new radiation oncologist yesterday as well. The one I really liked left to join another practice last week, so I will finish up with Dr. Jacobs. He seems excellent. They are all noting my use of caster oil as it seems to be working pretty well. I am very red, but have not blistered so far. My skin will keep burning for 2 weeks after the treatments are done, but I will keep using the oil, and hopefully it won't get much worse. Soft clothing is the ticket. I have to wash the oil off every day before I go, and put lotion on as soon as I'm done. I am taking a small dose of antidepressant to help with hot flashes and they have decreased to about 1/5th of what they were. That is a huge blessing and help. My neck is still swollen and very sore from the Neupogen I used to keep my white counts up during chemo. I have been told that the residuals from that can take quite a while to work their way out of the vertibrae. I am going to the chiropractor for that as often as I can manage. I am amazed at how much time it takes to get everything done. I can only do little bits each day- besides the 2-3 hours it takes to go for my treatements. It took me a week to put up Christmas decorations. I am lowering my expectations on what I can get done and those around me are being very understanding. I am sleeping about 12 hours a day. Allison gets home from college on the 16th and Laura on the 20th. And Laura will be home for good- as she will be done with college. She is still in job hunt mode. She has replaced her phone for $20 and has new glasses ordered. She was able to see a very good eye doctor in Pittsburgh last week. Jenni participated in the school's madrigal feast on Friday and Sat. nights and the dinner and music were fantastic. She loves to sing and to hear so many beautiful voices blending is a thrill. Jenni and Jesse are fighting colds, so we are doing all of the cold prevention things we can think of. It is the week before finals, so missing school is a bad idea. I have a sore throat, but the doctor told me it is a side effect of the radiation and will go away in a few weeks. Greg is healthy and had a great experience last week at the Lib-a consultation in Miniapolis. Continued prayers for the finances of our ministry would be appreciated. Each step we have taken with the merger has been in deliberate obedience to the Lord. The leadership team feels very confident that we have made each decision the Lord wanted us to. He either will provide and keep us going, or has other plans different from the new organization. As you can imagine, this weighs heavily on Greg and the leadership team. God is big and can do a miracle, but beyond anything, we want His perfect will. Thank you for praying for me, us and for our ministry. God bless you! Nancy

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