Thursday, December 21, 2006

Denver blizzard 12-21-06 update

Thursday, December 21, 2006
Dear friends,
As I sit here, I am looking out the window at somewhere around 2 feet of snow from “The Denver Blizzard of 2006.” The city has been shut down since yesterday at about noon. Laura was scheduled to fly in yesterday afternoon. She was finally able to get another flight for Saturday afternoon. We were hearing rumors of her not being able to get a flight until Monday, so we are very grateful! She had driven with her roommate to fly out of Akron, OH. Megan’s family lives there. They are graciously hosting Laura for these several days of waiting for the airport to reopen and her Sat. flight. We are eager to have her home!
The equivalent of Make a Wish Foundation for cancer patients in Denver (Diana Price Fish Foundation) gave me 4 tickets to take the girls to go see Phantom of the Opera tonight at a dinner theater. They allow me to do something each month during active treatment. They signed me up in Oct. since they can only have so many people doing the program at a time and I had to wait for an opening. January is when it will stop for me probably. I am using Dec. and Jan.’s gift for us to see Phantom. Well, I was so disappointed that Laura wasn’t going to get home in time to see it, but it worked out well since the theater isn’t open yet due to the snow. So we will reschedule hopefully before Allison goes back to college Jan. 10th. It is such a nice treat to be able to do something special each month.
I finished radiation one week ago. I was told the tiredness would continue for 2 weeks and then next week I will start feeling less tired day by day, until 2 1/2 months from now, I can expect to feel like my old self. I was doing pretty well this week with a few extra naps. Greg and I went to stay at a beautiful guest house in the mountains Sunday and Monday nights and just rested. Greg slept more in those 2 days than in the last week or 2 put together. It was a very nice respite. Anyway, today I got up late and took a 3 hour nap. I am achy and have a headache. I’m not sick, so I figure it must be from radiation.
My radiation burns are peeling and healing. I think it is interesting that I have a square on my left back of dark freckles and tan. I asked the doctor about it and he said it is from the radiation that I had on my front left clavicle area- just to the left of my neck. It went right through me to my back. He said the freckles would fade and I don’t have to worry about skin cancer. I just thought I would tell you since I think it is an interesting side effect.
I appreciate the understanding I have received from everyone regarding my energy level. I haven’t done my neighbor baking yet, and I am behind on sending out Christmas cards. They are almost done, but they should go into the mail tomorrow. Even the mail stopped here in Denver due to the blizzard. I usually get them done at the beginning of December, so this feels odd for me. We have had friends bringing some meals over the last few weeks and that has been a huge blessing.
I hope you get where you want to be for Christmas, that you are with your loved ones and that you experience the joy of the Christ child and what He did for mankind- for each one of us. I will send you the poem I wrote this year in a few days. I am including it with your Christmas card if you get one of those from me. God bless you! Nancy Fritz

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Orrange said...

I'm glad Laura is getting home! We're not getting out until Monday (our flight for today was cancelled)! We'll still make it to our family for Christmas by 2:30 so it's fine!
Merry Christmas to you all !