Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Hard news...

Hard news…
12-26-06 Dear friends,
It is the day after Christmas and the snow is melting. We had a very nice family Christmas and especially enjoyed having Heng Hua who just flew in from Taiwan yesterday afternoon and her Taiwanese friend Paul, who was here for Thanksgiving also, join us for dinner last night. We had a very nice time playing games and trying to keep Heng Hua awake as jet lag was hitting her. We love our Taiwanese friends! (Hi to any of you in Taiwan reading this- We miss you!)
I am feeling very tired, but then I have been really pushing it and not resting as much because of the holidays. My burns are healing pretty well, but it is still red and sensitive and sore deep down in there. I saw a PA at the oncology office today and she can feel scar tissue forming where the radiation was given. Things seem normal and she didn't feel anything unusual. My doctor is on vacation for 2 weeks, so at least until he gets back, I can just keep healing and we will decide soon about what drug I should use long term in the Tomoxifen family. More about that later.
The biggest news is that Greg was informed by the board last Wednesday that he is being removed from leadership at Initiative360 (formerly Caleb Project). No reasons were given. We are absorbing this news and trying to discern what God wants us to do after 26 years in that role. The board has generously offered us a sabbatical to give us time to transition. Greg and Laura are both putting together resumes. She graduated from college last week. We would appreciate your prayers for us in the wake of what feels like a tsunami year. We really do wish you all a fantastic new year. I am looking forward to looking back next year to see what God does.
God bless you! Nancy Fritz


Alice Vander Tuin said...

Our prayers are with you Nancy and Gregg. Our daughter also was hit with hard
news yesterday. We are standing along
side her as she tries to discern
what God is asking in yet another

Orrange said...

I am praying for you guys. I am sad to hear that Greg won't be with Initiative 360 anymore. I will hold your family in my prayers constantly as you go through this transition. Please let us know if we can pray more specifically or if there's any way our family can help you guys out. Love you all.

friend said...


Praying for you, Greg, and your family. Didn't know the road would take these turns, did we?