Monday, September 11, 2006

9/11/06 A week after chemo #4

Dear friends, I tried to post a picture after last week's chemo of Marilyn and me, but was not successful in getting it posted. Keep and eye out and I will see if Laura can put it up for me. It is a week later and I am holding my own. I spent most of the day resting and sleeping today, controling a headache. I am managing, but not feeling great. I have had 4 of 5 of my Neupogen shots that make white cells produce quickly. That should be working and tomorrow the bone aches from that will peak. The good news is that so far that has been working. I will have blood work tomorrow to see how I am doing with all the counts. I have a sore jaw which seems to be a little infected where I still have infection in my jaw. I had most of that removed last year, but ran out of time to deal with it at that time. I was going to do the rest next spring. In the meantime, I would appreciate prayer that it stays under control during these last 2 chemo cycles. My port is on the same side as that suspected infection and it is a little sore on and off. I still need the port for the next chemo and an infection would be bad at this point. So far I am OK with just the expected side effects. I would say hot flashes are the biggest inconvenience currently. They are chemo induced and occur hourly or more often daily- night and day. My neuropothy from the Taxitere is still not bad. There have only been tinges of numbness and tingling which they said to expect, but it hasn't been constant. My fingernails haven't turned black either si far- which they told me might happen. That is good news! So now I am mostly headachy and just generally sore and achy all over. Thank you for sticking with me and our family in your prayers. We are so grateful for you and the Lord's faithfulness during this time. 5 more weeks to be done with chemo, then 2 weeks off before radiation. We are getting there! God bless- Nancy

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