Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Chemo #5 was today- I'M DONE

Dear friends,
I wrote an update before leaving this morning and apparently it didn't post here for you. I left before I made sure it worked. Here is the latest...
I was told my ALT liver count was high last week and I asked you to pray. It was supposed to be 5-50 and was 204 last Tuesday. Yesterday's lab work, which the oncologist gave me this morning, had that number at 109. My AST liver count was supposed to be between5-40. Last week it was 84 and today was44. I would say that is reason to praise God. We prayed and it definitely improved.
Even with these numbers, my doctor said he didn't know if we could do chemo today. The pharmacist might not allow it due to the fact that the Taxitere chemo was apparently not leaving my body quickly enough, straining my liver, and doing it again would put even further stress on my liver.
So, after they consulted for a while, they decided that since all my liver counts weren't elevated, he was going to allow me to have chemo today. I told him that since so many people were praying that I would be able to have chemo today, chances were slim that I wouldn't be able to. I told him we won! He said that was a good thing! He was all for that!
I will have to have blood work done weekly for the next month so he can make sure I am OK. I told him about doing milk thistle supplements for 4 days and he said he had heard that was good for your liver. I will keep doing that and also do another supplement my nutrition doctor asked me to do for liver. SO, God answered our prayers. I also never got that cold. Although sore, I had quite a bit of energy over the weekend- a huge contrast to 7 years ago and another answer to prayer.
Today chemo was given through my port from 11:30 until 3:15. I slept for almost 2 hours of it due to the specific drugs. Jeannie and I had a nice visit before and after my nap. The Taxitere went in for over an hour which is causing extra side effects tonight. I feel fluish without the nausea. I went with Greg to Jenni's concert tonight and enjoyed hearing her first solo with the Gold Tones select singing group. I am very ready to get in bed now, but wanted to let you know how the day went. I will be starting Neupogen shots on Thursday for 5 days, and depending on levels in the next few weeks, may need to do another 5 day cycle before we are done.
Here is a huge request. The health insurance company that is giving us an offer for the non-Kaiser staff of our new organization, has said that they will not allow anyone to stay on Kaiser if they are going to give us a deal at all. Kaiser is willing to keep some of us who are currently in the midst of medical issues- even at a large group rate. (THAT we were thinking of as a miracle. Why would they do that? I am thinking God and our prayers had something to do with it.)
I am supposed to go in a week to have my first of two radiation set up appointments. And I am supposed to start radiation at the end of October. So I have to know what to do right away. I think the time between finishing chemo and jumping into radiation is key to getting the most out of the treatment. The radiation department and I have already invested time in meeting and he has designed my treatment plan already. Pray that this will work out. If I do it with Kaiser, it is a 30-40 minute drive each way, 30 times to their central office at $40 a time. On the other hand, there is a radiation office across the street from our Caleb Project office 5 minutes from home. I love my Kaiser doctors and don't want to switch. This is a big snag. We would appreciate your prayers that the Lord's will be known to all the parties involved in this decision- and VERY SOON!
I got my 2nd favorite chemo chair which actually gave both of us a good view, and Jeannie a great view the entire time- even when I was sleeping. It worked out well as we got to interact with the nurses more since we were by their desks. I have other things to tell you, but this is too long already. I'll get Laura to post a picture tomorrow. I am too tired tonight. God bless you and thank you more than I can express for your love and prayers! Nancy Fritz

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Orrange said...

fantastic! i was praying that you'd be able to get #5 in. I'll keep praying for the Kaiser stuff and for your liver.
thanks for keeping us up to date.