Thursday, September 21, 2006

9/21/06 A few things to pray for before # 5

Hi friends, I got my blood work and have talked to the nurse at my oncologist's office. My white count is OK (7.4 for those of you who knows what that means), but a few liver function levels are high. One of them, ALT is at 203 and normal is between 5 and 50. The nurse said that this staying this high or getting higher could mean postponing chemo on Tuesday. I feel a little like I am fighting a cold. I am doing all of my fighting things like resting, taking Cold Snap capsules, eating oranges, Sambucol Syrup and Cold Care tea. So far so good. The nurse said that as long as I don't get a fever, I could still get chemo if I am at the end of a cold. I would appreciate your prayers that all would be OK for me to have chemo next Tuesday. I really want to get this last one over with. I will keep you posted. I am attempting to get a prayer letter written and sent before Tuesday. Here is some good news about our health insurance. Our coverage for our new organizaton was maybe going to cause us to have to leave Kaiser (our HMO) right in the middle of my treatment. The short of it is that Kaiser is allowing a few of us to stay on with them with large group rates. There is no obvious reason for this and we are really thanking God. The whole staff is getting a few options. Our medical co-pay account will not start until Nov. 1st instead of Sept. 1st due to setting all of this up, so currently we are covering our co-pays through our paycheck. We increased our salary to do this, so the money many of you gave for medical is being used for that. Radiation will be $40 a visit/30 times ($1200), but I start right around Nov. 1st, so most of that will come out of next year's co-pay money. God is providing for us. We are doing well. And a praise I have is that compared to my experience with cancer 7 years ago, I have more energy and less fatigue. God's grace and Neupogen making more white cells. I am feeling the side effects, but it could me much worse! Again, thank you for praying for me and for my family. We are hanging in there and appreciate all of your support. God Bless you! Nancy

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