Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Chemo #4 is in and doing its stuff!

Dear friends, I went today with Marilyn for my 4th chemo. My port worked well and at 9:20 they did my blood draw through it and got it ready for chemo later. We waited an hour and met with Dr. Bourg so he would have a chance to get the results. My bloodwork was OK, and he told me I am a little anemic, but otherwise was good to go. I asked him my list of questions, and he gave me his answers. We are still planning on 5 chemos, as the side effects are being managed OK so far. The next chemo is scheduled for Sept. 26th. Chemo actually started at about 11:15 and ended at about 3:30. There was some time in between when they had to flush out the tubing with saline before starting the next kind- 5 pouches in all. Marilyn and I had a nice time talking, I took a 1 1/2 hour nap while she read and worked and we talked some more. I had the same nurse as my first time, and she knew I like the corner chair. She suggested me having my blood drawn there and leaving my jacket to save the chair for when my chemo started. When I came back in for chemo, all the chairs but that one were full, so we walked right over and settled in to the great view. The nurse, Cally, got a kick out of hearing that there were people praying for me to get that chair. It is a small thing, but was a touch of grace from the Lord. Also, the nurse who weighed my in at the beginning just happened to have gone to High Calling this weekend with our coworker Cyndee the day after we left there. It is a small world. I feel tonight like I had a good dose of chemo today. That means I feel pretty awful and need to lay down. I just wanted you to know how it went and to thank you for praying. I will be starting Neupogen shots again on Thursday until Monday. One thing to pray for now is that my surgeon needs to talk to my radiation oncologist to determine if they need to do the 4th field from behind my left upper arm or not. If there might have been cancer left up in my armpit, which I think the surgeon told me, then that would be the right plan. If not it would be great to not have to do that extra field. That field could increase my risk of lymphedema in that arm in a year or two. That conversation needs to happen between those 2 doctors, and Dr. Bourg emailed them both about it. I am going to try and post a picture of us at chemo today with the view from the window we could see from that chair. If the c\picture isn't there tonight, Laura will help me post it tomorrow from college. I need to go lay down. God bless you all! Nancy

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