Thursday, September 28, 2006

This is Kally. She did my first and 4th chemos. All of the nurses who work there were just great. They had to do about 20 things to make every session work as they switched the bags of medicines and chemos, set the timers on the infusions, ran saline in between, accessed my port and cleaned it afterward. I am sure they put miles on during the day. They have many patients going at a time all day and have to keep everyone strait. They are so optimistic and sweet. Since it was my last time, at the end, they all gathered around and sang to me, “Hit the road, Jack! Don’t want to see you come around here no more, no more! Hit the road Jack!” They blew bubbles and gave me a card they had all signed, and gave me hugs. It was a very nice send off. I am grateful I had such a nice place to go for those 5 long days.

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